The feeling of antique and vintage shopping is like no other.

That rush of adrenaline and sense of restlessness as you search for that one thing the high street stores just don’t seem to be offering- and when you finally find that thing, the feeling is indescribable. Many describe Barcelona with the words hipster or edgy and although a little cringey, we’d have to agree.

This makes Barcelona the ultimate place to go antique shopping, the city full to the brim of hidden treasure troves and backstreet stores perfect for every vintage Vinnie.


Here’s Some of Our Favorite Places to Buy Old in Barcelona:

Mercat del Encants

The Mercat del Encants, is the largest second-hand market in the city and was built all the way back in the 14th century! This market is the ideal place for those that like to dig deep for their jewels, as its well known for having just as much useless junk, as stunning one of a kind treasures. 

The market is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 09:00-20:00 and stays open longer during the summer. There are antique auctions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 07:00-09:00 for commercial buyers, and again at 12:00 when the unsold goods drop in price.

If you can, avoid going on a Saturday as this is the busiest day at the market.  


Dominical de Sant Antoni

The neighbourhood of Sant Antoni is home to an abundance of unique brunch spots, vegan grab and go’s, and one of a kind vintage boutiques. It is also the home of Sant Antoni Market. 

During the week, the market sells everything from clothing and homeware outside, to fresh fruit and other local produce, inside. On Sundays, the market holds its weekly Dominical de Sant Antoni, exclusively for antique goods. Here you can find such vintage gems like second-hand books, comics, postcards, newspapers, and stamps. The Dominical de Sant Antoni takes place from 08:30 to 14:30 every week.


Mercat de Colom Antique Market

Located next to the city landmark of Christopher Columbus at the end of La Rambla, the Port Antic Market is held every Saturday and sells old photographs, oil paintings, frames, records, cameras, vintage toys, and other antique gems. It’s right in the centre of the city so you’re sure to see it live in action wherever you end up during your stay in Barcelona.  


Flea Markets

If you know where to look, you can find a flea market in Barcelona every weekend of the year. It’s in these markets where you can find some of the best vintage gems, at some of the best prices. Flea Market Barcelona has been taking place for over 10 years and takes place at least twice a month in two different spots in the Raval district.

The Lost and Found Market is a slightly newer addition to the antique scene and takes place four times a year. As well as letting attendees buy, sell, and exchange second-hand treasures at a great price, there’s also live music and food stalls. 


Vintage Shopping @ Carrer Tallers

If rummaging around market stalls isn’t really your thing, we suggest heading down Carrer Tallers, a street just off La Rambla, home to many vintage shops and record stores. Our favourites are Flamingo Market Vintage, where you pay for the total weight of your finds and Holala Vintage, a store that has vintage goods dating all the way back to the 1950’s.


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