Have you already planned your summer vacation? If not, it’s about time to do so. Most of people have already bought their tickets to some tropical island where they will indulge in the sun and beach for a couple of weeks.

However, some people see that kind of vacation as a waste of time and they’d rather prefer something to get their adrenaline pumping. If you fall into the latter category you might find whitewater rafting in Europe a pretty exciting alternative.

So, what are you waiting for? Call your friends, pack your bags, sit on the plane, put on your wetsuit and start an adventure of a lifetime at one of these destinations.


Rhein, Switzerland

Speaking of Grand Canyon, guess which country’s got one of its own? That’s right, Switzerland. The gorge where the 12.5 miles stretch of the River Rhein from Ilanz to Reichenau sits, is also known as Switzerland’s Grand Canyon. It is a great experience for intermediate rafters and beginners who like to take a risk. The light aqua blue water and white canyon contrast perfectly with the thick evergreen forests that cover the more gently slopped hills surrounding the river, so you will be able to soak in the beautiful view too.


Noce River, Italy

Looking at it from a tourist perspective, Noce River is relatively unknown, comparing to Rome, Venice and Milan. However, looking from an adventurer’s perspective, it is just the place to be this summer, if you are up for a quick rafting experience that can be done in one excitement-packed day. The navigable 17 miles of the river have some very challenging rapids, so you’ll have no time to be bored. And when the water is calm, you can enjoy the view of snowcapped mountains and green fields.


Corhu River, Turkey

Corhu River has quite a reputation in the world of whitewater rafting, and it is often recognized as one of the top ten white water rivers around the globe for its volume rapids (that reach up to grade 5 in June) made by the snow melt from the mountains in the north-east of the country. The river flows through jaw-dropping canyons, past fertile valleys, ancient ruined castles and traditional villages untouched by tourism. Depending on your preference it can be run for couple of days and you can set a camp in one of the valleys.


Tara River, Montenegro

A small country packed with interesting things, Montenegro is becoming a go-to land, especially for adventurers. The famous Tara River rafting experience is certainly the most exciting, since its canyon is the second deepest in the world (only America’s Grand Canyon is deeper). The river will enchant you with more than 20 rapids, and when you get the chance to take a breath and look around you’ll fall in love with the scenery packed with pine forests, high cliffs, caves and wild beaches.


Vltava River, Czech Republic

Now something for the absolute beginners. Vltava River is a really mild rafting trip, but nevertheless very enjoyable. For the 60 or so, navigable miles you will pass through peaceful farms and old villages that line the countryside and you will have easy access to the capital, Prague, which is a great plus. The history of this city goes back a millennium and it doesn’t fall behind Paris in terms of beauty. If you need refreshment, Prague has the best beer in Europe.


An adventurer’s summer vacation is nothing like the conventional beach and sunbathing combination. It requires the necessary dose of adrenalin, a lot of breathtaking natural beauty and discovering new places you wouldn’t normally visit.

These six rivers match that profile perfectly, so don’t wait another second to book your extraordinary vacation.


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