Garlic salad, seaweed salad and jellyfish salad are delicious and nutritious foods that you can easily find in the restaurants on Ly Son Island.

Ly Son has fresh raw materials with a cheap price for processing so salads are suitable for eating in summer.


Three Salads you Should Try in Ly Son

Garlic salad

This salad surprises visitors by not only having shrimp but also with the garlic being the main ingredient. Picking up a thick piece of pancake and adding a pinch of garlic salad on it to dip in chilli sauce will bring you the unique taste that you cannot find in other foods.

Garlic which is used for processing is the male garlic without stalks, only the elongated tubers.

You need to skip roots and tops, and just use the stem of the garlic to soak and clean. Boil it and then, take it out and let it really cool. This part of the garlic is then mixed with herbs, roasted peanuts and some sugar. When eating, prepare a bowl of spicy sauce.


Seaweed salad

This is not only an idyllic dish in the meals of Ly Son people, but also a specialty that tourists should try when traveling to the island. With the coral belt surrounding the island, there are numerous seaweeds around. This marine plant species have many different colors and salty and slightly fishy tastes, but are rich in nutrition.

Seaweed with small stems are said to have a higher nutritional value.

Fresh seaweed just picked up from the ocean should be soaked in water several times. Cut the seaweed into pieces and mix with basil, chilli garlic sauce, lemon juice and spices. Mix well, then sprinkle with roasted peanuts on top.

You can mix with the dried beef or shrimp for a more attractive look, however only seaweed is enough to become “one piece for long-lasting memory” for diners from afar. A handful of fresh seaweed dipped in the salty braised fish sauce is the right way to enjoy this dish.


Jellyfish salad

Clear, soft and tough jelly fish combined with sour and crunchy green mango slices, with flavors of basil and roasted peanuts is a simple but strangely tasty salad.

Jellyfish salad is not the specialty in Ly Son but is still cheap, so you should try one while visiting the island.

Because fresh jellyfish are soaked in acrid green banana water, it is not watery. Moreover, this salad does not require a complicated cooking method so you still keep the jellyfish naturally sweet. 

The sauce to add into the salad is a mixture of fish sauce, chilli and fried onions.


This idyllic dish makes the summer heat seem to disappear, especially for those who enjoy both the salad and the sea breeze in Ly Son.


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