I love the heat and while many of you out there are desperately trying to survive the blistering cold of winter, I thought I’d send some warm beachy thoughts from Cali your way.

Our family has become quite the RVers since purchasing a family RV two years ago. We try to take a trip at least once a month. Although we enjoy everything from the sea to the mountains, our favorite sites tend to be at the beach. Every campsite comes with its own set of challenges, but if you are looking to hit the sand with the fam there are some things to keep in mind.


Here are my Top 5 Tips for Beach RVing

1. Book off season:

Beach RV resorts can be some of the priciest sites around, especially if you are like me and prefer to have an ocean view. I like the kids to be able to wake up and run on the sand and that usually comes with a higher price tag. Happily, there are tricks around this conundrum. Rates drop dramatically during off-season. Summer is always the most expensive, because the weather is hot and that’s when most people have time off work and school. If you can find a weekend that works for you during the winter, spring or fall, then you will save a ton. Fortunately, in places like California the weather is decent year-round, allowing you to enjoy the beach no matter the season. For instance, we enjoyed a beautiful weekend at the Newport Dunes in March. So check the weather report, check the rates of your favorite beach RV resort and save some money, honey.


2. Bring the shade

When you are camping at the beach, you don’t realize how much time you spend in the sun. It is important to provide plenty of shade for both yourself and your kids. We have started to collect easy-ups and place them all over our site during our stay. We place a couple on the beach and provided various seating and play areas around RV lot. The point of RVing is to enjoy the outdoors, but you don’t want to get sunburn or melt either. That way, no matter where you are, you can escape the sun without sacrificing your location.


3. Warm Days/Cold Nights:

The thing about being outside all weekend is you have to be prepared for temperature changes. Luckily, the beach doesn’t have dramatic changes like the desert, but there is a change nonetheless. When packing for a beach RV trip think of the days being very hot, the afternoons a bit breezy and the evening cool. I like to pack in layers so that you can adjust throughout the day. Shorts, swim wear, flip flops and tanks by day, light weight jacket for afternoon or morning breezes, and sweats, heavier jackets, socks and shoes for cool evening nights.


4. Extra Clothes:

Okay, so you know to pack in layers, but sand is dirty and clothes get gross real quick. Besides the swim wear, you can re-wear very little when beach RVing. My kids wallow in the sand and mixed with the moist air, their pants and jackets don’t last more than one day. I usually pack two of everything per day while we are gone. Or you can plan on using laundry facilitates if they are available. Basically, you don’t want to put on a wet, sandy, yucky jacket when you are trying to get warm and cozy. Eww. Whatever the kids are going to sleep in, I wait to put on very last. Sometimes I even wait for them to fall asleep before changing them into p.js. Also, beware of leaving clothes outside to dry overnight. The air gets very moist at night and jackets or blankets will be damp in the morning.


5. Sand, Sand and More Sand:

You are at the beach and there is sand. Duh, right? Well, if you are new to RVing here is a tip. Pre-wash that sand off your body before using the RV shower. The first beach RV trip we ever took I just threw the kids into the shower and filled the tank up, flooding the tub. Yeah, that was fun to clean up. Now I have learned to rinse all the sand off at the beach showers, before rinsing off in the RV. Whenever you use water on an RV you have to empty the tank as it fills up. Long showers will fill up the tank too quickly and whoever is in charge of tank duty is not going to appreciate having to empty it all the time. So, take quick showers and pre-wash that sand.


Everyone feeling beachy?

Then it is time to hit the road and park it at the beach. Whether you own or rent an RV, beach camping is a blast for the whole family, sand and all.

Remember these simple tips and you’ll have a blast too.

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