If you are a fan of beaches, football and amazing places to visit in Europe, count Portugal as one of the must-visit destination.  Being a seaside destination this country has a lot of things to do, however here are some of the things to do in Portugal.

Horse Drawn Carriages

Hop on a Horse Drawn Carriage here and you will be transported in time. The carriages are pulled by Ardennes horses and it will be beautiful scenery and a romantic ride. There would be a 20-minute horse ride across Parque de Pena, Pena Palace which has lush green views and an amazing view of the palace which one can experience on your visit to Portugal.

Sintra The town and municipality of Sintra is one of the oldest in the country, explore the beautiful place where you can witness narrow streets, architecture and old houses. Explore Moors Castle, dense forests and amazing weather which you would miss after coming back visiting Sintra.

Cabo Da RocaThe quaint village of Cabo Da Roca is located near Sintra was once believed to be the end of the world. This is an old fishing village that has some of the most impressive sea views. Explore the region of this place and witness the scenic view of the ocean from the cliff and spend a day here.

Music festivals

Portugal is known for music and you get to witness from local music to EDM where there is a biggest music festival called Super Bock Super Rock which is Portugal’s most famous and biggest music festival. Witness some of the who’s who in the genre of music performing here and you can spend the festival dancing to the music.


Some of the regions of Portugal is known for its Wine & Food. So, on your visit to Portugal do not miss to visit the village of Sesimbra, where you can try the nation’s favourite dessert Moscatel de Setúbal. If you get chance, do visit Douro valley which is known for Red Wines.

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