Since the pandemic has stepped in many countries have banned all forms of commercial travel, however as the things are clearing up a bit many countries are opening its gates. The latest country being the UK and Scotland which after 2 months long hiatus are opening to tourism in early July. However, the decision comes with many rules which one needs to strictly adhere or else they could face hefty fines.

The rules which the government has announced recently

  1. 2 – week self-isolation
    If you are arriving in the UK you are required to self isolate for 14 days from the date of arrival. This rule is applicable for UK residents, citizens as well as travellers from overseas. Also, 48 hours before the scheduled departure to the UK one needs to fill out online contact detail form which provides your immigration details and address for self-isolation.
    You need to take a print and submit it to the immigration officer on arrival. Every passenger except children under the age of 18 needs to submit own form. The children under the age of 18 should have the form which is attached to the legal guardian or parent during the time of submission.  Failure to submit the form will have a fine of about 100 pounds or 9,500 INR.
  2. Self-isolation rules
    people entering the UK needs to strictly adhere to the rules given by the government. They need to drive to the place themselves, they cannot use public transport and also they should not leave the apartment, home or any place of stay for whatever reason. They cannot even have visitors over unless they are bringing essential supplies.  Stepping outside without any reason can lead you a fine of 1000 pounds (Rs 95,000) and if people need to change accommodation within 14 day isolation period should fill out online contact form failure to do so will be charged 3200 pounds in England which is approx (304,000 INR)
  3. If you travel within 2 weeks
    During this period, you need to self-isolate during your entire duration of stay.
  4. Exempt rules
    here is the list where the rules are exempt
  5. UK Citizens and residents who require travelling on work purpose regularly.
  6. Medical care professionals.If you are travelling to the UK on pre-scheduled emergency medical treatment.
  1. Passengers transiting through the airport.
  2. Farm or Agriculture worker where you can self isolate in the farm.
  3. Truck and Freight drivers.
  4. If you are flying to the UK you need to follow all the safety precautionary measures such as wearing face masks, avoiding contact and also use of sanitizers regularly.

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