As the season of coronavirus has captured the world news, many people have been affected and the world is battling against the deadly virus. However, according to the doctors, some countries fared better than the rest and some have suffered a lot. According to the researchers here are some of the healthy countries to live.

SingaporeSingapore is the country that stood out in the list of countries for its health sector.  This depends on the facts of how the hospitals have trained staff and healthcare workers. Also, it depends on the efficiency of healthcare systems. And Singapore has been noticed by doctors for having an efficient healthcare system thus ranking them in 1st place. 

JapanIt is a known fact that many of Japanese people age lately, having one of the highest aged people in the world Japan also stands for its health care infrastructure where they are ranked 2nd place in the healthiest country to live.  And due to the coronavirus pandemic happening now the government of Japan are trying their best to curb the infection for its citizen by offering a quick diagnostic for every of Japan’s citizens.


This country stands in 3rd place for its healthcare infrastructure as per the latest rankings. This comes with the fact of how the country is facing pandemic and also other diseases which might affect humans in general and how it will overcome due to its strict health policies.

South KoreaStanding in 4th position is South Korea. With their effectiveness of containing MERS the country is able to test 1% of its population at a single time. The nature of health care also contributed for its ranking in particular. In fact, every one of the countries citizens is covered under the national health scheme.

Standing in 5th position is Norway the country that is famous for its Northern Lights. Although Norway has been affected by the coronavirus, once can predict due to its efficient health care they will be in the process of recovery as early as possible.

The list has been taken from The Legatum Prosperity Index of 2019.

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