One of the most popular countries in South East Asia has been badly affected by the ongoing pandemic, however, it is no hurry to open its borders until 2021. Although the country is open to locals, people who are planning to open a business, the country announced that for leisure travellers it won’t be accepting any tourists until 2021.

Deputy Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya said “There is still no signal from the Thai Government to open its borders this year. However, the country has already reopened its borders to foreigners with residency, work permits, or families in the country”.

The governor said about the recent updates on a webinar where the government is in no consideration to open its borders until the end of 2020 and Christmas time is one of the high seasons for the country however we need to compromise on that, apart from that, Chinese New Year which falls in the month of February is not likely to happen.

Earlier, the country had decided to opt-in for travel bubbles with low-risk countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea however, as the recent spike in cases of Coronavirus the plan has been shelved at the moment.

Thailand is one of the countries that depend on tourism, where 20% of Thailand GDP comes from tourism and over 4 million people are employed in this sector, however, according to the survey conducted 95% of respondents report that the foreigners should be banned from entering the country which will ensure safety to the residents.

Although Thailand has banned for leisure travel for the year 2020, one can enter Maldives, Cambodia, the Maldives, and Nepal with safety regulations in place.

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