One of the popular places in Madhya Pradesh is Indore. Indore is one of the second largest city after the capital city of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. Indore is said to be one of the cleanest cities in Madhya Pradesh and has been awarded by the Government of India for the same. If you visit Indore, do explore the places and also if you want to take a short road trip, you can check out this list.

One of the popular places to take a road trip from Indore is Hanuwantiya. Located in a pristine location, Hanuwantiya offers you with rich flora and fauna. One of the popular places in Hanuwantiya is the backwaters of Indira Sagar Dam. The route to Hanuwantiya offers you with serene views, rich flora and fauna and also a visit will rejuvenate your soul.

Hanuwantiya is located around 140kms from Indore and can be taken as a 2-day visit from Indore.

Udayagiri CavesOne of the popular caves in Madhya Pradesh, Udayagiri caves are located around 240kms from Indore and is a religious place for both Hinduism and Jainism followers. The caves are rock-cut and there are around 12 caves which have images of Vishnu, Shiva and Durga which are carved on these rocks. Explore the historical place as these caves were cut during the Gupta Period and also learn more about how the people worshipped the deities during the Gupta Period.

PachmarhiPachmarhi is the place that most of the Indore residents know. Because of its serene location and surroundings, a natural bio reserve Pachmarhi is home to Leopard’s and Bison. The hill station is also called as Satpura ki Rani which means Queen of Satpura.  Apart from being a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Pachmarhi has a history that is connected to Mahabharata where it is said that Pandavas stayed at this hill station during their exile. The location of Pachmarhi is located around 340kms and we think a week off would be a better time to visit Pachmarhi.

UdaipurUdaipur is the location where every person knows that it is a city of lakes. Previously in our blogs also we have mentioned a lot about Udaipur. Located around 370kms from Indore, the road trip from Indore to Udaipur offers you stunning locations due to its location which is covered by Aravalli range of mountains. Aptly named the Venice of the East, Udaipur has lakes, palaces and wildlife surroundings which make it one of the best places to take a road trip.

Pench National Park
A wildlife fan, the photographer would not miss visiting one of the national parks in India. The name Pench is derived from the nearby river which flows here and it flows right inside the national park too. The interesting thing about this national park is it has inspired the popular novel, The Jungle Book. Explore the rich flora, fauna that this national park provides and take numerous images of the wildlife here. Also, you can explore the park in peace as it is around 440kms from the city of Indore where you will be away from the hustle that the city environment provides.

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