One of the world’s most respected leader and prime minister of one of the largest democratic nation, Mr Narendra Modi will be the person to fly in the newest and costliest aircraft than any other elected leaders of other countries. Nicknamed Air India One, it would be one of the most sophisticated and safest aircraft ever.

Expected to arrive later this July 2020, Air India one is a wide-body long-haul Boeing 777-300ER flights which is a customised version and they are customised at Boeing’s Dallas Factory. Currently, The President, The Vice President and The Prime Minister are primary passengers and the list will include other dignitaries as well in coming days.
Here are some of the interesting features of the new aircraft that caters to the heads of the country of India.

  1. Currently, 3 Prominent People are primary fliers of the Air India One and this will be extended to other dignitaries where they will be provided special access.
  2. The new flights will be placed under Indian Air Force against the currently operated Air India. However, the decision is yet to be undertaken. However, it is noted that the Indian Air Force has already begun training their pilots for flying custom-built planes.
  3. The new aircraft is the epitome of luxury where it has state of art interiors, anti-missile defence system, large aircraft infrared countermeasures, self-protection suites, missile warning, laser detecter which can also jam, track and counteract against incoming laser, control interface unit and other latest upgrades and improvements that makes this on the line with Air Force One.
  4. Apart from their state of art security features, the new airplane would have a conference room, VIP enclosure, on-board wifi, medical emergency room and is a wide-body aircraft.
  5. These all improvements and customisation come at a price where the Business Today had estimated the price of the aircraft might be around 8,458 crores INR for 2 such planes that the Indian Government had ordered.

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