“If you have an adventurous soul but your mind wants to relax amidst calm and serene nature, Goa is the place to go”. Open your wings, fly in the air, swim like a fish, race in water and party in luxurious cruises and make unforgettable memories while your stay in Goa.

There are so many fun and adventurous beach activities which you can enjoy during your vacation in Goa and one of them is Parasailing.

Parasailing or sky-gliding is an entertaining water sport with two significant instruments- parachute and a speedboat to pull the parachute. Goa which is very famous for its fabulous beaches, sandy shores and mesmerizing sunset is also popular for this enthralling water sport i.e. Parasailing.

Parasailing is easy compared to other water sports as it requires no special skills or formal training. A lot of people go for winch parasailing at various beaches in Goa. Winch parasailing takes you high above in the air at the height of 300 to 320 feet. You go on the winch boat in the sea first and from there you go for parasailing. This tour takes about 10 to 20 minutes depending on your tour package. It is a unique experience to have but requires complete professional assistance.


Pricing of Parasailing in Goa

The pricing for parasailing may differ depending on the travel agency, tour package and season. Here I am giving you an approximate pricing for parasailing in different beaches:

  1. Calangute Beach 20 minutes for Rs. 800 – 1000/- per person
  2. Baga Beach 45 minutes for Rs.600/- per person
  3. Dona Paula Beach 20 minutes for Rs.500-1000/- per person
  4. Majorda Beach 10 minutes for Rs.800/- per person
  5. Anjuna Beach 15 minutes for Rs.2000/- per person
  6. Colva Beach 20 minutes for Rs.800/- per person
  7. Vagator Beach 25 minutes for Rs.850-1000/- per person
  8. Bogamalo Beach 20 minutes for Rs.800/- per person
  9. Sinquerim Beach/- per person 30 minutes for Rs. 600/- per person
  10. Candolim Beach 25 minutes for Rs.400/- per person
  11. Mobor Beach 5 minutes for Rs. 1499/- per person

Pricing Reference Goa Water Sports


Month of operation

  • November  to May

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