Looking closer at Johannesburg (let’s call it Jozi from here on) one can see and even more so feel a change in so many aspects. One of them is definitely the upcoming art scene. So much has happened here in probably the last 2-3 years. 

Most still think of Cape Town when talking about the creative hub of South Africa. However, there is a slow shift creeping into that creative scene. Just look at the big advertising agencies with many of the Loerie Award winners being based in Jozi. Look at street art and Maboneng being the center of it with the biggest and most colourful murals on five-storey buildings. And then there are the art galleries and art spaces selling stunning paintings, photos, ceramics, sculptures, textiles and and and…

Having my best friend from Germany visiting me in my adopted hometown, I wanted to show her all of that and by doing this I re-discovered my city for myself, found great spots I haven’t been to before and old spots that have revamped themselves.


Here is a list of my rediscoveries – Johannesburg’s Art Scene

1. Keyes Art Mile

Having recently adopted the “First Thursdays” concept from places like Bree Street in Cape Town or Maboneng in downtown Johannesburg, this concept works amazingly in Rosebank, too. I personally like the proximity of Rosebank compared to downtown. It basically all happens in Keyes Avenue in Rosebank and here mainly in the upper part right outside the iconic TRUMPET building.

They block off the street, have live music bands, food trucks, all the galleries around that area are open till late, all bars and restaurants are open so you won’t go thirsty or hungry. And as the name suggest, this happens every first Thursday of the month.

Besides every first Thursday, you can obviously visit any day of the week. It is probably even less crowded during the week. Find renowned art galleries like the Circa Gallery (the building alone has the Wow-factor), Everead Read Gallery or smac Gallery. Additionally there are fascinating design shops. Check out what else is available on Keyes Art Mile website.

In my opinion this is a great addition to life in Jozi, so if you are looking for me on the first Thursday of every month.. now you know where to find me.


2.  Kramerville

Kramerville has long ago established itself as the interior design hub in Jozi. With many furniture houses, textile houses, bathroom or kitchen showrooms setting up headoffices in that trendy precinct. One of them is Amatuli Artifacts. They offer a fine collection of beautiful images captured by some of South Africa’s finest photographers.


3. Maboneng

Then, obviously there is Maboneng. On Arts on Main (or Market on Main) you can find a couple of galleries/stores like the Living Artists Emporium or the Gavin Project which are focusing on local upcoming artists and give them a place to show their work.


This is Jozi for me: creative, inspiring, energetic, vibrant.

Always something new to discover. Jozi has my heart – more and more with each new discovery.


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