With months of lockdown, everybody are feeling bored as many people who were frequent travellers are staying at home all day long. For them, a piece of good news is here as Civil Aviation Minister of India Hardeep Singh Puri indicated that there are very much deep negotiations with countries like USA, France and Germany to set up travel bubbles or air bubbles.

“We are at a very advance stage of negotiations with at least 3 countries – France, US and Germany for air bubble. Air France will be operating 28 flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru to Paris between July 18 and August 1,” said Hardeep Singh Puri, hence for now, we might get flights to France and US now. According to the minister,

  • Air France will operate 28 flights between 18 July and 1 August from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru to Paris.
  • Air India will continue to fly to the United States, but will be joined by United Airlines which will fly around a dozen flights to Newark and San Francisco.
  • For travel bubble with Germany, talks are going on with Lufthansa
  • Fares will be capped.
  • Movement will not be unrestricted. You may have to establish that you have a compelling reason to travel, similar to the rules of the Vande Bharat Mission repatriation flights.
  • Access won’t be for everyone. It is likely to be restricted to citizens of the destination country, or those with special residency status.
  • The rules and schedules are dynamic, likely to change over the next few weeksAnd accordingly, the minister also added that the United Airlines will start operating flights between India and the US from July 17 to 31. “In case of the United States, we have an agreement with United Airlines to operate 18 flights between India and US from July 17 to 31 but this is an interim one,” the minister said. He said the United Airlines is flying daily flight between Delhi and Newark and a thrice-a-week flight between Delhi and San Francisco.

The minister also added that Air France will start operating flights from July 18.

Air France will start operating 28 flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to Paris between July 18 – August 1.

The minister also noted that there might soon be air bubble with the UK soon and there would be 2 flights between Delhi and London.

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