Having been reading various topics related to travel, I stumbled upon a recent article which summed up the information in short topics of how we would be travelling again in the world which has been devastated by the coronavirus. And I have written many topics related to this but here is a gist of all the possible outcomes which one need to expect before you travel.

At the Airport

With the rules of social distancing, the flight price might be higher than before as airline carriers tend to book fewer seats as compared to the flights getting full. This might be one of the reasons and also due to the fact that the aircraft should be sanitized after each trip might also include the cost of tickets getting charged high.

Contactless Entry

Giving the nature of how coronavirus can spread, the entry to the airports will be contactless in future. Now onwards, there will be no physical check of the documents and the tickets, ID card should be shown to the airport official who will check behind the glass and let you in. Also, the fact that biometric boarding passes might also count.

Changes in body temperature might halt your plan.

With the usage of thermal scanners and making it mandatory. A slight change or feverish temperature may affect your plans as the passenger will be asked to quit his travel and head back home.  This has already been implemented by Air Canada where a temperature of 99.5F and above is refused to board the flight.

Earlier Check-in, Compulsory usage of masks.

Expect earlier check-in, compulsory usage of masks, gloves and usage of government-mandated apps should be a new chic at airports. The earlier check-ins are for the tests that are needed to be carried out by staff, filling out forms and social distancing between passengers.

Disinfection, Disinfection, Disinfection

Expect multiple disinfection everywhere as airports and airlines will be disinfected every time they have travelled or a passenger has checked in the flight. This includes the trolleys, wheelchairs or any other equipment used by passenger it will be disinfected every time before the next use.

Covid tests and certificates

Expect this test as mandatory in every airport as covid test and certificates might soon be another document to be shown at immigration. Before you board the flight or you enter into landside of a new country one needs to show a corona-free certificate which will help the passenger ton continue his next leg of the journey.



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