Continuing our topic of how will we be flying again, we come to the next course that is On The Flight

Empty Seats

You will never see the flight full at least for a couple of more months as the new airline regulations mention about social distancing being followed with the seating arrangement. Some of the flights have also marked X or cross marks for the seats that are not designated to sit. This is being followed by transport bus at the airport too. We guess this rule will be followed for at least the year 2020 and coming year depending on how the vaccine works.

Meals would be differentThis is one of the ways that the airlines are trying to keep their cabin crew member and also the passengers from transmitting the diseases. Some of the short distance flights will not be served meals and some of the long haul flights will be served light meals. The issue will arise when there are special dietary requirements as the meal will be preplanned and arranged. No additional requests will be taken. However, water for drinking will be available.

In-flight entertainment will not be in useThe in-flight entertainment will not be in use as the buttons will be having human contact after every use. So, get rid of the airplane headsets and movies and I guess our mobile will be the only rescue during the entire duration of flight

Usage of restrooms will have change

This problem is currently being looked upon, however as per latest information, passengers who board Ryan Air are required to ask the cabin crew before using the restrooms. This minimizes usage of contact and also for health and safety purpose of the passengers.

Airline Application to the rescue

Official Airline applications will be your saviour during the time of crisis as they would be constantly updated with latest health alerts, web-checkins. Some might also help you to stream movies, pre-book the food, order food etc

On Arrival

No Rush

Passengers getting off of the plane should not rush as seen most commonly as when it lands people will queue up to de-board the flight. Now, you need to wait until you get clearance from cabin crew and maintain social distancing while getting off the plane.

New Rules after arriving at the airport

With newer rules in every country, one needs to be prepared for all the tests and checks mandatory by respective country when you land in. Every time a passengers enter the airport, one might have to undergo another round of tests, vaccine certificate etc when they arrive before entering a new country.

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