The trip was called an „Adventure Trip“. But what would you call an adventure?

An adventure to one, isn’t really an adventure for someone else. Was our trip an adventure? It’s up to you to decide!

Our two days in Innsbruck were definitely a lot of fun!

The conference came to an end and Innsbruck Tourism organized a few different activities, which also inluded hiking in Innsbruck. Sure, I had to choose the Adventure Trip. After a long Saturday night, which was the last night with the rest of the fun group together, I just had 1,5 hours sleep! Thank You!


Day one got us all the way up into the sourrounding mountains of Innsbruck. Luckily we didn’t had to walk all the way up, as there is a cable car connection right from the Innsbruck city centre. Which came even handier was, that Innsbruck Tourism provides their guests with walking shoes… For Free! That is what I call a service!

You’ll find a shoe depot right at the entrance of the Seilbahn.

The right shoes chosen, we arrived at the top minutes later. There was no chance to fell asleep! It had snowed during the night and the fresh air kept me and the others awake.

Off we went! Right up! After a couple of steps I wished I would have slept a bit more. Was it the lack of sleep or the high attitude or that I haven’t done much sports lately?

My breathing was slow and I had to fight with each step.

In these moments it’s good to have a photo camera with you. This gives you the chance to snap a few pictures and to rest. 😉


But in the end, you have to get through it and you know that it’s pretty much just a mind thing. That’s where the lack of sleep helps you again. Just concentrate on your next step and keep on walking. Easy as that.

The paths were exciting and the surrounding scenery was stunning!

Up the hill… down the hill… up the hill… sliding down the fields of loose rocks… up again… Reaching the top… What an amazing view!

What an amazing day!

Into the valley again, where we had a yummy lunch in the sun. I could have stayed there much longer! But as the hut was on the wrong side of the mountain, we still had to walk up that hill again. And it was a loooong upwards hike. But even tougher was, that we’ve decided to walk all the way down into the valley. Remember, we first took the Seilbahn all the way up. So we still had quite a way in front of us and just downhill. We made it of course, but my knees thanked me for it, the following 2 days.

The following day we did some wildwater rafting on the river Inn and in the afternoon we did some canyoning. Wow! Each would be a highlight itself and we had the pleasure to do it in one single day!

…to be continued…


Do you like hiking in the mountains? Where have you been & which hike would you recommend?


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