One of the most amazing and thrilling places in the world to live and travel is Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong city is so fast moving that many people have compared it with New York. Some also say that a minute in New York is a second in Hong Kong, so just imagine the pace of life in this gleaming city of skyscrapers.

With more than 7 million residents living in this wonderful land, it is not hard to see why this place is so lively and buzzing.  Hong Kong shows you its extreme energy the moment you arrive and honestly, it never lets its energy die.

Here you can shop stylish and branded clothes, try out the delicious dim sums, go on sightseeing trips and visit different and happening restaurants and bars. 

Hong Kong has countless street markets that are painted with different colors and buzzing most of the times. The landmarks and skyline of the city is a thing one must not skip.

While we understand that it is impossible to do everything in Hong Kong, there are a few important and interesting things that you must try.


Places to Add to Your Hong Kong Itinerary

1. Incredible Views of the Star Ferry

Are you dying to get the best views in Hong Kong city? If so, you can get some of the most wonderful views of the iconic Hong Kong skyline along Victoria Harbour.

This is the view that you see in almost every Hollywood movie or a big budget Bollywood movie featuring the city.

By boarding the Star Ferry from the Tsim Sha Tsui terminal, you can go sailing to Central. If you’re looking for an incredible and cheapest way to travel then this ferry costs only $2.50 during weekdays and $3.40 on weekends.

Tourists often add this attraction to their Macau holiday packages.


2. Take a Tram to the Peak

Do you love traveling in tram or wish to travel in one someday?

If yes, the tram in Hong Kong will fulfill your wish. There is this historic Peak Tram that runs  from 7 am until midnight, which gives passengers enough time to take in all the beautiful views of the city that can be seen down below moving as the tram moves.

One can also see Hong Kong’s famous mountain range. You can board from Garden Road terminus in Central at just $45 for a to and fro ticket.


3. Meet the Giant Panda

Do you love the furry and giant animals that are naturally painted with black and white color? f you love the cute giant pandas, then this is going to be a great experience for you.

Hong Kong’s very popular aquatic theme park has two absolutely amazing and adorable giant panda bears. You can see them in their natural habitat munching on fresh bamboo and you can also take selfies with them.

Other than this, you can also meet and interact with the two adorable penguins, dolphins, and seals.


4. Symphony of Lights at Victoria’s Harbour

If you want to see the perfect synchronization of lights and music, then it can’t be better than the one Hong Kong has.

You must attend the Symphony of Lights, which is the World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show. The music and light show portrays the life and history of Hong Kong


5. Disneyland and Ocean Park Tour

Whether you’re with kids or alone, you must visit the Disneyland of Hong Kong.

You can watch colorful and magical shows and your favorite Disney characters moving around. It’s so popular that you’ll surely find it to be part of most of the Hong Kong tour packages.


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