France is the most popular destination for tourists in the world, annually receiving some 82 million visitors from around the globe. 

It attracts a wide variety of tourists. Some come for the art, the culture, the history of the country, or to marvel at its numerous world-famous landmarks.

Others are attracted by its picturesque countryside and impressive architecture. Still, others visit France for the famed quality of its cuisine and its wine.

Whether you are visiting France for these, or any of a host of other reasons, there is always something for every visitor. With hundreds of flights from the UK to France every day, there has never been a better time to visit.


Here are Five of the Best Places to Visit in France:


Marseille is one of the largest cities in France, second only to Paris, and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Located on the country’s south-east coast, it remains a major seaport in the Mediterranean.

Though very much a working city, Marseille is an ideal spot for anyone wishing to soak up a little European history.

From Roman ruins to medieval buildings, and a pair of old forts that dominate the busy harbor, there is much to occupy any visitor. With your travel through time completed, you can take a walk along the harbor itself, and discover its myriad of bars, shops and waterfront cafes. 



Lyon is a city steeped in history. With a continuous history of habitation stretching back to Roman times, it was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1998.

The city is home to numerous parks and plazas, including the 2200 hectare Grand Parc de Miribel-Jonage which is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to take a stroll.

As well its historical association with architecture and the arts, Lyon is famed for its vibrant modern cultural scene. A popular destination for gourmets, the city is renowned for the quality of its cuisine, and the high standards of its bars, restaurants, and cafes.



Cheap flights to Strasbourg take you right to the border between Germany and France, and the historical capital of the former Alsace region.

A unique blend of the historical and the modern, the city demonstrates its organic blending of German and French architecture in which may be found museums and galleries stood shoulder-to-shoulder with cafes, shops, and patisseries.

Ancient buildings like its Gothic cathedral share city space with important modern institutions like the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights.



Another major city port, Bordeaux is a spectacular and bustling city, filled with attractions for the visitor. The city centre includes more than 300 historical landmarks from the famous 19th Ponte de Pierre stone bridge that spans the majestic Garonne River, to the sixth-century Basilica of Saint-Seurin, and many beautiful plazas.

Of course, Bordeaux is famous for its wine, and visits to the surrounding vineyards are a popular day-trip for many tourists, as they pass by impressive chateaux and picturesque villages en route to the wine-making region.



Being responsible for over half of the country’s annual influx of tourists, France’s capital is well-deserving of its reputation as the jewel in the country’s crown.

With cheap flights daily to the city, you will soon find yourself among some of the most notorious landmarks in the world: the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Tuileries Gardens, the Place de la Bastille, the Opera House and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

Art lovers will delight in the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay and the artist’s quarter of Montmartre, including the impressive Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, which dominates the largest hill and highest point in the city.


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