Are you afraid of heights? Petrified of planes? Phobic to plummeting to Earth’s surface at close to 120 miles per hour?

Well, there’s no better exposure therapy to get over those fears than to go skydiving on your next vacation!

With the recent surge of interest in skydiving, hundreds of professional skydiving companies have sprouted up across the nation.

Pretty much every major tourist city has its own special skydiving company. The obvious question you’re probably now asking is: which one is the best?

Fear not, in this article we’ll share four of the best-reviewed American skydiving locations for an unforgettable free fall.


Four Unbelievable Skydiving Locations in the US

Mokuleia, Hawaii

What better way to take in Hawaii than by plummeting toward the island of Oahu?

Headquartered in the city of Mokuleia, Skydive Hawaii is one of the top-reviewed skydiving companies in the world.

Skydive Hawaii offers three tandem skydiving adventures to choose from: 12,000 feet, 14,000 feet, and an insane 20,000 feet drop.

As you’re free falling and parachuting, you’ll get to see some awesome views of Oahu’s North Shore and Pearl Harbor. Since Hawaii is such a hot tourist draw, be sure you book your skydiving adventure well in advance.


Snohomish, Washington

No list of the best US skydiving spots would be complete without Washington State’s Skydive Snohomish.

If you’ve heard of this company before, that’s probably because it was one of the few American companies on the Travel Channel’s top 9 list of the best places skydiving locations on earth.

Located in Harvey Field, about a 40-minute drive from Seattle, Skydive Snohomish boasts impressive views of nearby snowy peaks in the Cascades Mountain Range.

For those who don’t mind frigid temps, definitely look into booking a skydiving trip with the pros at Skydive Snohomish.


Moab, Utah

Another American skydiving company on that famous Travel Channel list was Skydive Moab in Utah’s Arches National Park.

Anyone who enjoys the sandstone scenery of Western USA will love a drop in Moab. As you take your 25-minute flight, you’ll get to see all the highlights of Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and the ever-popular Slickrock Mountain.

Skydive Moab has been in business for three entire generations, so you can be sure you’re in good hands here.


Key West, Florida

Everyone who loves a good party eventually finds their way to Ernest Hemingway’s old hangout.

What better way to live it up in this crazy Key West than by booking a skydiving flight with Skydive Key West? On your 15-minute flight, you’ll get to see some of Key West’s exotic fauna as well as the iconic Seven Mile Bridge.

After your flight time is up, get ready to free fall 120 mph with your instructor for 40 seconds before opening your parachute. Note, Skydive Key West doesn’t offer solo skydiving.


Honestly, is there anything more badass than a skydiving selfie? Probably not. So, if your social profiles need a fresh update, then it’s time for you to get those highly coveted skydiving bragging rights.

Any of the above destinations is certain to give you an awesome backdrop for your skydiving photos.

Simply choose the location that suits your preferences, book your flight, and get ready for the ride of your life!


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