Everybody knows due to the Coronavirus, Travel has been one of the most affected sectors in the market and along with it, Air Travel has been majorly affected. Everywhere around the world, planes have been grounded. The Airline industry which used to get around billions in income has been completely stranded, this has led to many airline industries declaring bankruptcy.

However, good news has arrived as many countries have been lifting lockdown and flight services have started to resume to and fro from different destinations. It might be good news for passengers, however, due to the severity of the disease, the airline industry is being extra precautions when it comes to health and safety. Because, of this many airlines have implemented some security steps to ensure that their crew, passengers are not affected by this viral infection.

Some of the steps are followed by airline industries, however, on other part, even the passengers need to follow the steps to ensure that the crew and staff can function smoothly. Saying this according to government rules, the airline companies have released some of the steps which passengers and crew need to follow so that there is no rise of cases in the country once again.

Use MaskUsage of Mask is mandatory, use a good mask so that there is no spread of the viruses airborne and also follow social distancing which will help other passengers to not get affected.

Be early to the airportit is advised to reach the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure. This helps both the staff and passengers where the staff can complete all the required formalities and also the passengers to provide all declared documents and fill out the self -declaration form which states that the person is not affected by covid-19.

Check-in counter

This is the place where one will be waiting to collect their boarding passes and also check-in their luggage. It is advised to follow social distancing measures at the check-in counter. This helps co-passengers, staff and yourself to not get affected. Also, it is advised small check-in baggage is to be bought which contains essentials.

Temperature Check

This is now a mandatory check that every person needs to undergo, a temperature check will be undertaken at a kiosk before you enter the terminal.

Boarding Gate

After the temperature check, you will be given a self-declaration form which needs to be filled by passengers and needs to be submitted to the ground staff. Later they will be allowed to embark the flight. And here the passengers need to follow the social distancing while they use the aerobridge to flight.


All passengers need to wear mask compulsory, also during the seating , the aircraft has been designated to be in compliance with social distancing rules, hence the passengers need to seat at their designated seats. Also, for passenger comfort, Alcohol Swabs will be allowed which will be available for guests.

In-Flight meals

All in-flight meals have been cancelled which is temporary, however water will be available for guests.


A passenger needs to disembark the flights in an organised manner following social distancing norms. Any form of unruly behaviour will be not taken lightly and will be interrogated.

Collection of baggage

A passenger needs to follow social distancing norms during the baggage collection. A person need not rush to collect his baggage as it might lead to a ruckus. Hence, a passenger in a calm manner need to follow all the rules laid down by the government.

Additionally, the airline industry has been given an additional set of guidelines from the government where they need to identify and escort the suspected Covid-19 passenger, take official measures during this case. Ensure that the airline is deep cleaned after its service, regular screening of staff and also check the airline filter present in the cabin.

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