Kerala, the southern state of South India is known for its spices, backwaters and Ayurveda. However, if you visit Kerala you can find the balance between the old culture and people accepting new cultures. There are many places to visit in this state where one can explore beaches, hill stations, local art, music, dance, martial arts etc.  Here are some of the places you can visit in Kerala and the list includes the beaches of Kerala which one needs to visit on your trip to Kerala.

  1. Marari Beach, Alleppey Located in Alappuzha or Alleppey Marari Beach also known as Mararikulam beach is one of the beaches which many tourists visit. It is located around 11kms from the city and it was once known to be a fishing place for local fisherman. The beach has serene surrounding with sands, coconut trees lining and one of the best place to swim or do beach activities here.
  2. Cherai beach, KochiOne of Kochi’s most enjoyable activities is to visit Cherai Beach and witness the dolphins here. This is also one of the iconic places in Kochi where you can take long tranquil walks along the beachside and also try to indulge in beach activities here. However, Dolphin spotting is one of the tourist attraction places in Cherai where one needs to visit the place at some distance and spot the dolphins playing here. 

Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

One of the beautiful beaches to visit is lighthouse beach in Kovalam where you get to witness lush green forests, picturesque hills, serene backwaters and a lighthouse here.  The location is postcard-worthy and is a peaceful beach where one can visit as a retreat against the busy daily schedule.

Pathiramanal Island
one of the hidden secrets of Kerala is the Pathiramanal Island located near
Alappuzha District. It is known for its secret and beautiful nature and scenic beauty. The island is famous for bird watchers, nature lovers and this can only be accessed by a jetty/boat. It’s one of a kind of Island where you get to witness more than 50 species of migratory birds and it is away from city limits making it a perfect retreat place.

Samudra Beach, Kovalam

One of the tourist-friendly beaches are located in Kovalam and Samudra Beach in Kovalam is a must-visit place. It is a little isolated place in Kovalam where one can enjoy peace and tranquillity. Enjoy the day here sunbathing, listening to the waves crashing the beach and also if you want you can also take a swim here and spend your day with a note of happiness here.

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