From past 5-6 months, a hot trending topic worldwide is the deadly pandemic called SARS COV-2 aka Covid-19 aka Coronavirus. We have written many articles related to the harm that is caused by covid-19, changes, how it affected tourism, travel and many other topics. Amid this sad news, there is a sense of happy news, currently, as of 10-06-2020 9 countries have declared that their nation is free of Coronavirus and tourism will slowly pick up soon. These include.

  1. New ZealandOne of the latest countries to announce that they are coronavirus free country is New Zealand. On June 08, 2020, Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern spoke with officials and later announced the last known Coronavirus patient has recovered and their country has lifted many restrictions which were put in place due to coronavirus and from June 9th onwards the country can function like before. However, border closure restrictions to New Zealand are still in place.
  2. TanzaniaThe president of Tanzania John Magufuli in a church service declared that the Coronavirus in Tanzania has been eliminated with the power of God and the president claims that the power of God helped the country recover from the coronavirus early with less patient record. However, it is to worry that some figures show that there might be over tens and thousands of cases as this African nation has stopped updating virus data.
  3. VaticanOne of the smallest and holiest city and country of Vatican has been declared coronavirus free as of June 6, 2020. It is said that there are no cases in the Vatican after their 12 resident patients recovered and the last known person was tested negative as per recent reports.  Also, the city did not report any death which is good news. 
  4. FijiPrime Minister of Fiji Mr Frank Bainimarama declared that the island nation of Fiji has declared itself free of coronavirus on the first week of June after the 18 people who were affected with the deadly virus have recovered. The government will be lifting off the restrictions except for border restrictions soon. 
  5. MontenegroOne of the first European countries to declare itself free of Coronavirus is Montenegro.  On May 24, the country declared free of Coronavirus where it reported over 325 cases and 9 deaths according to official reports.
  6. SeychellesWith 11 infected individuals and no confirmed deaths, Seychelles the Island nation that is neighbour of India declared Coronavirus free as on May 18th

7 St Kitts and NevisThe West Indies nation has declared coronavirus free as on May 19 after 15 of its confirmed cases have been recovered.

8 Timor-LesteThe island country of Timor-Leste has declared itself coronavirus free as of May 15th after its last of 24 covid-19 patient has been recovered.

9 Papua New Guinea
On May 4, the pacific island of Papua New Guinea declared itself coronavirus free after 24th patient of Covid-19 was recovered as per health bulletin.

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