The 10 Prime Places To Cruise In New Zealand
The 10 Prime Places To Cruise In New Zealand

 New Zealand has a 15,000 kilometers long coastline. It has a lot to offer to the tourists as there are various places to visit. Back in the days people use to travel on small wooden boats however, things have changed now. The luxurious cruises take you on an adventure of touring New Zealand. You might be confused what places you should cruise to in New Zealand. Well we have done the job for you.

Go through our list of the 10 prime places to cruise in New Zealand.


  1. Auckland

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Auckland is the largest city in the New Zealand. The city is very well known for its food cuisines offering delicious food from all over the world. There are many places which have activities for family and friends. There is an Aquarium called, The Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium, which is attractive to children. It has dolphins, sharks and big fishes.  People on cruise can see volcanic landscapes and attractive islands far away. If you are interested to know about city’s history don’t forget to visit National Maritime Museum and Auckland War Memorial Museum. If you are a painter or is passionate about paintings you may visit Auckland art gallery which is full of paintings.


  1. Akaroa


For all the French lovers, Akaroa is the best place to cruise to and it one of the 10 prime places to cruise in New Zealand. The looks as if you are in France, since everything is named in French here. The giant’s house is a go to place here which is has pink painted houses and colorful gardens. Akaroa’s bay has a lot to offer. While on the cruise you will be able to wave to dolphins and penguins waiting on the coast for you. For all those who love animals can visit sheep farms as well.


  1. Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands
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Bay of Islands was New Zealand’s first capital. Passionate fisherman, this place is dedicated to you. The Bay of Islands have special boats and nets for fishing into the sea. Cruise to Bay of Islands for water sports. Surfing along the waves, dive right into the sea and go swimming. Participate in the seasonal sports competitions and win money prizes. To get to know about Maori and the history of this place, visit Treaty of Waitangi museum and Russell.


  1. Dunedin, Port Chambers

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The Dunedin is 13km away from where you cruise will stop. However, the city is worth giving a visit. It is one of the 10 prime places to cruise in New Zealand. As other places, Dunedin also has a museum named The Otago Museum to get to know about the history. Moreover, to experience the Mother Nature and beautiful greenery, head over to Botanic gardens. If you are interested, you may do nature photography here. The city is an archeological site with a forest that has artsy oak carvings.


  1. Wellington

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Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and it has lots of cultural places. The city is famous for world’s best cafes that are up all night to full fill your night cravings. Te Papa Museum highlights the environment, wildlife and history of New Zealand. You can sit on a whale, not an actual whale but in virtual reality this place has to offer to the tourists. There are simulators to experience a simulated earthquake. Let’s not forget our cute little children, there is a Discovery Centre which has electric swings and games for them.


  1. Tauranga


Tauranga is a beach where tourists come to relax while on the cruise. They may wear their stylish hats, apply sun screens and rest on the comfortable sand. Youngsters can play volleyball on the beach as there are nets and balls available. Moreover, those who know how to surf and swim may go out for surfing and swimming in the light blue sparkling water. Tauranga also has a Mount Maunganui and after walking 4km they reach Rotorua to experience Maori culture.


  1. Fiordland National Park

Fiordland, National
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1 of the 10 prime places to cruise in New Zealand is the Fiordland National park which is a staple destination. There are mountains where tourists can go trekking and hike the snowy tops. Some may stay on the ground and see the beautiful long waterfalls.


  1. Picton


Picton has a port where the cruise might stop and get refueled, while you can have fun in the area. Feed and Play with the friendly dolphins on the sea shore. Visit the beautiful Marlborough wine region and extraordinary Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre to meet future pilots and check out the air planes. Moreover, the place has a beautiful scenery, you may sit for some hours and paint the view if you are good at making landscape paintings.


  1. Napier


Napier is a city of arts which showcases everything related to arts. There are art deco motifs which highlight the Maori culture. There is a national aquarium which is full of creatures from the sea kept to amuse the tourists. Te Mata is a site where you can go paragliding and see everything from the above. Moreover, the white water Mohaka River is also a famous tourist attractions for those who are on cruise.


  1. Gisborne


Last but not the least Gisborne is totally a Maori cultured area as over half of the population that lives here is Maori. Meet them and know their culture. The place is adjacent to three river and side to cliffs and mountains with forests, making it kind of a valley. Tourists can go trekking on the forested mountains as there are some tracks made, they can do bird watching in the forests and also do oak carving on the trees.

New Zealand
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This was our list of the 10 prime places to cruise in New Zealand. New Zealand is a beautiful place to cruise for all those who love nature and activities. The cruises can be expensive and as well as low priced. They have different types of suites and rooms available. Many have spas, pools, salons, cinemas and a lot of activities inside them for the tourists. These cruises will never let you get bored.


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