10 Ways To Save Money In Barcelona

You might have heard that Barcelona is one of Spain’s most pricey cities, but don’t believe all the horror stories that you hear! It’s really easy to do the city on the cheap and there are plenty of tricks and money tips that will guarantee you save money the next time you come to Barcelona! […]

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Great Places to Visit in France

France is the most popular destination for tourists in the world, annually receiving some 82 million visitors from around the globe.  It attracts a wide variety of tourists. Some come for the art, the culture, the history of the country, or to marvel at its numerous world-famous landmarks. Others are attracted by its picturesque countryside […]

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Places of Interest to Visit in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and is located in the center of the Iberian Peninsula, at 650 meters above sea level. With a population of more than 3 million inhabitants, it is the largest city in the country and the third in the European Union. Madrid has a wide cultural offering for visitors with […]

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Get Elevated: Places to Skydive in the US

Are you afraid of heights? Petrified of planes? Phobic to plummeting to Earth’s surface at close to 120 miles per hour? Well, there’s no better exposure therapy to get over those fears than to go skydiving on your next vacation! With the recent surge of interest in skydiving, hundreds of professional skydiving companies have sprouted […]

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Top Tourist Places to Visit in Coorg

Coorg, also known as the Scotland of India, is the most charming hill station in Karnataka. Coorg is well known for its breathtakingly exotic scenery and lush greenery. Coorg is the largest producer of Coffee in India and also one of the top destinations of Karnataka Tourism.  Coorg or Kodagu is an unforgettable holiday destination […]

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