Discovering Germany’s Medieval City Of Esslingen (And Its Christmas Market)

After a brilliant day in colourful Tubingen, we decided to head over to Esslingen for what was supposed to be one of the best Christmas markets in town. Esslingen is confusingly a city within the wider Stuttgart region (only ‘confusing’ because of the whole city within a city thing – in reality, it couldn’t be […]

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The Most Beautiful View In All Of Canada!

*Bold claim but carry on and you’ll see what I mean… After a rather relaxing evening at Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge, we got up nice and early (not too early though) to meet our guide from the day before, Derek. Derek had a different hike for us today and unlike Grotto Canyon, which we’d specifically […]

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The 11 Best Hikes In Portugal You Have To Experience

Portugal is easily one of the most dramatically beautiful countries in Europe yet somewhat one of the most under-rated. Some of the best hikes in Portugal will easily rival any other options in other European countries yet for some reason, they just seem so much less known (or at the very least, less talked about) […]

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The Magnificent Hohenzollern Castle In Germany

The next morning in Stuttgart (after a brilliant evening in Esslingen), I woke up with an extra spring in my step! As you might already know, I’m a huge sucker for castles. There’s just something so grand about them that I absolutely love and today, we would be visiting one of the most iconic castles, […]

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The 12 Best Hikes In Spain You Have To Experience

The beauty of some of the best hikes in Spain undoubtedly lies in how delightfully sunny the country is. So much so that us visitors from all over Europe (and indeed the world over), unfailingly make the annual summer pilgrimage in search of said sunshine and warm weather. To put it simply, we all love […]

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