Go-More, a unique campaign by GoAir

While the coronavirus is still reeling in the country and travel is affected, newer measures have been undertaken by travel organisations and companies which will be all set to welcome tourists once lockdown is eased. Air travel has been deeply affected by Coronavirus lockdown measures that many airline companies have grounded several fleets of planes […]

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Indian Railways has designed coaches for post-covid-19 travel

While it is still unsure when we get a full stop sign to the rising coronavirus cases across the world, travel is slowly starting and making baby steps towards catering tourists and travellers alike. While Indian Railways one of the largest rail networks in the world has seen many ups and downs due to coronavirus […]

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MacroTraveller Fitness Journey, How i lost 42 kgs from 126.6 Kgs to 84.6 kgs Part 1

Yes, you read it right. This is the blog dedicated to my fitness journey which has left many including me how fitness is important in one’s life. Before to start, here is a quick view of how things turned bad and how things are turning good recently. Having been travelling for at least 12 years […]

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Macrotraveller Fitness Journey Part 2

In my last blog, I explained how I started the fitness journey in an overview. This blog I will explain about the food which I started to change which is different from what I used to crave before I started the journey. Before my fitness journey, I used to binge eat and Maggie, pizza, burger […]

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Macrotraveller Fitness Journey Part 3

Macrotraveller Fitness Journey as mentioned in the previous two blogs, I have covered an overview and how one can with sound mind and confidence can overcome what was pending or due from you a long time. Yes, as mentioned in previous blogs I have mentioned about how I began my fitness journey, what was my […]

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