If you have never been thinking visiting Blue Mountains, Sydney, this is your best opportunity as this article will serve as a guide. Talking from experience, Sydney is one of the world’s most secure areas with friendly urban communities. For a business goal and top vacationer, Sydney is positioned high in the worldwide study on well-being. To have a great experience in Sydney, do your best in the planning to enjoy your trip and tour in Sydney.

My visit to Sydney was a fantastic experience with my husband especially when I visited Blue Mountain in Sydney. The memories and the kind of experience gained can never be forgotten in a lifetime. Although, some believed that visiting the Blue Mountain is best enjoyed when going on a tour with family members and kids in the house. My experience was entirely different, and I know the fun and excitements are still very much fresh in our memories.

Blue Mountain

Sometimes I wonder why it’s naturally called THE BLUE MOUNTAINS until I had my experience too….Honestly, its loaded with lots of fun and memorable events.

Many tourists wonder why the Blue Mountain is blue just like the way I had felt before I left for Sydney. Their bright notoriety in the Blue Mountains is scarcely covered in riddles. The vegetation is also overwhelmed by Eucalyptus trees, which finally scatters oil beads into the air. They have tiny particles and blend with water vapor, dissipating short-wave blue beam of light, washing the earth in its toned dimness typically. Anyway, visiting the Blue Mountains, Sydney should be your next must-visit area, especially for lovebirds.

Visiting the Blue Mountains in Sydney is not limited to love birds; everyone can visit and have great fun as the environment is pleasant and kids-friendly.


Although my experience in The Blue Mountains, Sydney was in the winter period yet, remains a wow experience.

It is equally spectacular in both summer and winter period as it promises better experience irrespective of whether It’s visited during the summer or winter period. So don’t let the weather discourage you from being a part of this great experience as the cloud hovering over the rock formation makes a fantastic view.

Part of my experience was how I trekked through one of nature’s most superb area loaded with beautiful experience; there are natural limestone hollows that will most likely astound you with their lofty excellence when you make it your next travel plan.

I visited the regional highlights as the famed three sisters viewed from Echo point lookout. Also, I witness the lush greenery of the township of Leura.

I also visited the Koala park; Scenic world through the lush Cumberland state forest.

It’s filled with waterfalls, expansive ranges, and spectacular rock formations, and it’s widely considered one of Australia’s most beautiful places.

So during my planning process, I already defined all the items I want to travel with as well as the cost involved which are shortlisted here for the benefits of other tourists who wish to visit the Blue Mountains in Sydney soon. It’s also important to know that the blue mountain should only be visited in good health and condition.

A reasonable level of fitness is the major thing to consider.

1. Comfortable walking shoes.
2. Hat
3. Sunscreen
4. Sunglasses
5. Clothes or jacket to suit the weather conditions
6. Camera and water bottle


Their opening time is usually between 7:45 am to 8:30 am except on Christmas day, New Year Eve and New Year day.
We had a fantastic launch at the town of Leura, and it’s pretty nice.
So if you are planning to make the Blue Mountains, Sydney your next tour, the price for tour at Blue Mountain in Sydney ranges from 61.63 -81.04 (Euro) for individuals.


Visiting The Blue Mountains, Sydney can be a whole lot of fun especially when you took time to plan and make a calculative budget. Ensure you get a perfect traveling guide to make the trip hassle-free with loads of experiences.


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