When we plan a trip we worry a lot about the things that we have to carry or not in our suitcase.

We always end up getting more than we really need and although it will always depend on the destination to which you travel, today we bring you some tips to avoid the stress of packing your suitcase without complications.


Here are a Few Handy Tips to Pack Your Suitcase:

Investigate the Weather and the Conditions of the Place You Will Visit

Much of what you carry in the suitcase will depend on the season of the year in which the place you will be traveling is located. Do not choose large backpacks because you will be tempted to carry more things.


Make a List

Write everything you think you’ll need, read it again and ask yourself if you really need to carry everything or you can dispense with some.


Plan Out Your Outfits and Footwear

It starts from the feet to the head, starting with shoes, socks, pants, skirt, shorts, dress, blouse, shirt or T-shirts, accessories, hat or cap, etc.

Always wear the most comfortable shoes you have, boots or tennis shoes and sandals. Do not carry more than two pairs of shoes.


Other Elements That You Might Need

If you visit a destination in summer or go to a rainy place, take a raincoat or a plastic layer to cover your backpack and do not get wet.


Carry Snacks Around With You

Wherever you go, take your bottle with water to be hydrated; also carry a bag of chocolates, granola bars or sweets, there will be times when you will feel hungry and you will not have any place to eat around. For long trips, take a couple of cans of tuna.


Pack the Sunscreen and Other Protestants

If you go to the beach do not forget sunscreen, hat and sunglasses, but if it is the opposite and you go to a very cold place verify that you wear appropriate shoes, socks and thermal clothing, one or two scarves, two sweaters and one very good jacket.


Make a Mini Travel Kit

Make a travel kit with cleaning supplies: shampoo, cream, deodorant, repellent, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, comb, etc. all in a small version so that it occupies less space.

In a small bag arms a mini travel kit where you take aspirin, pills for dizziness, band-aids, ear plugs, gauze, flu meds and others that you think you need. It’s better if you choose among quality daypacks.


The Handbag That You’ll Always Carry With You

Carry a “kangaroo” or a small bag to keep your money, cell phone and camera, so you will always have them with you, if your suitcase is lost or stolen, you will have the most important thing with you.


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