A place is literally untouched by mass tourism, a place where you find the peacefulness and calmness, a place where you get to notice the local tribes and their habitats is Bodoland. An autonomous place in Assam, Bodoland is the place which most people might have not heard, however, Bodoland offers various places of tourist attraction which one can visit while you explore the amazing place.

Nestled in greenery bordering Bhutan, Bodoland is the land of Bodos, an indigenous tribe. A land untouched for tourism for various decades are now welcoming tourists recently and they showcase us how truly nature and its surroundings is. During my recent trip to Bodoland as part of ambassador visit to Bodoland, I explored some of the places that are apt for tourism and I wish to let you know what all places which can be visited while you plan your trip to Bodoland.

Manas National Park: A visit to Bodoland is not complete with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site called Manas National Park. This is a place where you can easily spot one-horned rhinoceros. A majestic creature will catch your eye when you explore Manas National park. Additionally to Rhino’s, Manas National Park is also a place for tiger/elephant reserve. You can find animals such as wild buffalo, pygmy hog, Assam roofed turtle, hispid hare and many other endangered species. Manas National Park is vast and parts of the national park borders with Bhutan where it is named, Royal Manas National Park.

Kalamati: Kalamati means Black Soil is a nature lover’s paradise, the place is located in the western zone of Manas National Park belonging to Bodoland. The place is known for its soil where the animals such as Elephants, Gaurs, Sambar and other animals come here and lick the natural soil present here which helps them to gather the required minerals. Rich in its minerals, the animals here have found out the place where they can gather the essential minerals naturally. This is one of the places where you can get to witness wild animals and during the spring season as the flowering trees will be in bloom with flowers and the place looks vibrant. Also, Kalamati is known for its 3-day festival held during the spring season which is conducted on the banks of the river.

Bhairabkhunda: A place which is suitable to be a picnic sport, Bhairabkhunda nestles near to the river Dhanshri. River Dhanshri is one of the major tributaries of River Brahmaputra. Bhairabkhunda is one of the holy place which is situated in Bhutan Territory, however many Indians visit this to offer prayers and offerings.

Bogomati: Located in the foothills of Indo-Bhutanese range of mountains, Bogomati is a paradise for nature lovers. A picturesque place with River Bornadi flowing downhill, your eyes and your camera lens would be on a treat while you explore Bogomati.

Jamduar Reserve Forest: A forest that covers parts of Assam, Bhutan and West Bengal, Jamduar is a reserve forest is a semi-evergreen deciduous forest which is rich in flora and fauna. River Sankosh flows through the reserve forest making this place a home to various animals.
Chowki: Bordering Bhutan on the northern side, Chowki is the place where you will be within the laps of nature. A beautiful spot for nature lovers, you can visit Chowki for bird watching, wildlife photography and spots etc.
Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary: A place which you can easily notice Golden Langur, Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary is solely dedicated for long term conservation and preservation of Golden Langurs. Fret not if you do not find any Golden Langurs and Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary also is home of various other animals such as Leopards, Himalayan Giant Squirrels, Chinese Pangolins, Jungle Cats, Burmese Rock Python etc.

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