Post coronavirus, every country is planning to woo tourists by offering discounts, exclusions and some are even paying the tourists with a specific percentage of discounts on their hotel booking, travel etc.

One of the latest country to give high priority for international tourists in Nepal. The country that has the world’s highest peak is now giving priority to Indian tourists as they constitute a major part of foreign tourist arrival.

According to the latest statement by Tourism Minister of Nepal, Bikash Lamsal said that the government is planning to give utmost importance to Indian tourists as they constitute a major percentage of foreign travellers.

And as per reports, the total tourists who visited Nepal in the year 2019, 49% were from India and in the year 2018, over 11.73 lakh people visited the country.

The country is visited by tourists as a pilgrimage site and also for some of the adventurous activities such as trekking, paragliding, boating, kayaking. Mr Lamsal said that although the country was unable to welcome tourists in the year 2019 owing to Coronavirus, they are planning to make the situation conducive to tourist foreign tourists in the coming years.

Also, the minister added that the country is celebrating tourism year from 2019-2022 and they are aiming to welcome 2 million tourists. In addition, the year 2021 will be Tourism Infrastructure Improvement Year and 2022 International Tourism Year. Since tourism is one of the major contributors to the GDP of the country, they are making efforts to revive tourism for next year.

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