Dwijing Festival is a premier and one of the most important festivals that is celebrated in Bodoland. Organised by Assam Tourism Department, Assam Tourism Development Corporation and Bodoland Tourism, Dwijing Festival is a 12-day annual festival held every year since its inception from 2016-2017. The festival was initially titled ‘Aie River Winter Festival’ where Aie is the river where on the banks of which the festival was conducted. The festival is conducted on the northern side of Hagrama Bridge near to the banks of river Aie. The name Aie River Winter Festival was changed to Dwijing Festival where Dwi means River and Zing means Bank in the local language. Aie river which is one of the main sources of water for people of Bodoland has its source from majestic mountains of the Himalayas from Bhutan where it flows down to Chirang and Bongaigaon districts. It is one of the tributaries to the river Brahmaputra and it provides a vital role in livelihood for the families of Bodoland. Dwijing Festival held on the banks of Aie River is popular in and around the Bodoland area making it an Annual New Year Festival in the state where they showcase many activities, adventure rides, attractions, shows, food and culture, games etc. The 2019-2020 version of Dwijing Festival was held from 27 December 2019 to 07 January 2020. The festival focus on promoting state tourism, the welfare of tribe in Bodoland and letting know the area of Bodoland is becoming a fast-growing tourism place in North East India. Dwijing Festival hosts various activities such as: Helicopter Ride: Ride above the picturesque places near to the foothills of Himalayan mountain range via Helicopter. Before boarding, there will be pre-briefing of the ride and they take you to some of the exotic landmarks of the region. The Helicopter ride is one of the kind where you can take a panoramic view of the region. Riverside Camping: Camp alongside the majestic river Aie where you get to hear the sound of the river flowing, the sound of birds etc where you would be provided with a tent to stay. This is a personal and fully facilitated river camp which is a must for nature lovers. Hot Air Balloon: Rise to the skies and take a 360-degree view of majestic snow-capped mountains, landscapes and river that flows down. With safety and security in place, one can experience the cool winds, panoramic views and a bird’s eye view of the festival. Adventure Sports: Experience thrilling and exhilarating, adventure sports such as paragliding, river rafting, hot air balloon and many other sports which brings out the adrenaline in you. Home to the best nature, experience adventure here at Dwijing Festival. Art & Craft: Explore the local art and architecture where the tribal people are known to be good at, purchase some of the art pieces as a souvenir which makes you remember the trip to Bodoland. Assam is known for its vibrant art where you can get hands-on decorative handicrafts and a variety of authentic handloom silk ensemble etc. Art Installation: Dwijing Festival is one of the places where artists can exhibit their installation and let the visitors know the reason behind the particular art. Visitors get to discover fascinating stories through the eyes of artists and their unbelievable art installations which can bring a sense of knowledge on how the mind of an artist works.

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