Most people who visit New York City stay in Manhattan, but there are so many more exciting things to do and see in the four other boroughs!

Don’t keep your experience limited to one area. We, as a sightseeing company, have put together a list of the must-see things in the other four boroughs of New York City.


The Four Other Boroughs of New York City


Citi Field is home to the New York Mets, and it allows you and your family to enjoy an exciting game or concert.

After the game, you can go to The Queens County Farm Museum to learn about the farming process, farm equipment, and farm animals without leaving the city!

For the movie lover in your group, Queens is also home to the Museum of Moving Image. There are plenty of exhibits to enjoy, and the entire experience is quite interactive. You can even create your own animated short!



Brooklyn is home to Coney Island, which is a fun place for the entire family. There’s plenty of food, rides, games, and a boardwalk. The best part of Coney Island, though, is the New York Aquarium which boasts some amazing performances from its marine animals.

Brooklyn is also ideal for fashionistas. Many people are saying that Brooklyn is becoming the best place to experience up and coming designers.

You can even find some treasure at a discount at Brooklyn Flea, which is one of the best flea markets in the world.

While in the area, cross the Brooklyn Bridge to experience one of the oldest suspension bridges in the country. It’s even a great place to go for a jog and get some exercise!



The Bronx is known for the Bronx Zoo. It offers the largest zoo in a city that can seem to be made out of nothing but skyscrapers. They have over 6,000 animal species from all over the world, and your only problem will be leaving in time to experience the rest that the Bronx has to offer.

If you want to visit something more historical, you can even visit Edgar Allen Poe’s home. He wrote his famous poem Annabelle Lee in this house many years ago, and he lived there until his untimely death.

Finally, the Bronx is home to the Yankee Stadium. Whether you’re a Mets fan or a Yankees fan, you will enjoy the iconic stadium, and you can get a hot dog while you’re at the park.


Staten Island

Staten Island is very proud of their Italian heritage, and you can learn more by visiting the Geribaldi-Meucci Museum. You can also experience some great Italian cuisine and pizza in the area.

There is plenty of other history in Staten Island as well. You can visit the Conference House Park where leaders came together to negotiate the end of the Revolutionary War. You’ll also be able to get a great view of the Statue of Liberty if you take the famous Staten Island Ferry.


New York City is a lot more than simply Manhattan. You’re missing out if you don’t make it to these wonderful locations as well!


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