Macrotraveller Fitness Journey as mentioned in the previous two blogs, I have covered an overview and how one can with sound mind and confidence can overcome what was pending or due from you a long time.

Yes, as mentioned in previous blogs I have mentioned about how I began my fitness journey, what was my diet and how I continued to follow my diet. Continuing, I would like to add what exercises I did.

As you know, the first thing that comes to one’s mind when they think to lose weight and become fit is to join the gym and work out every single day. Get a personal trainer, lift weights, kettlebells or run on a treadmill. I do not want to comment on people who join gyms, however, I wished to skip gyms and follow regular exercise which was, of course, to walk which can be easily done by everyone.

Yes, to begin with, it, I walked daily keeping a track of my heart rate and a number of steps. Thanks to FitBit, this has been my companion for every step which I took. So, I started walking 2kms a day every day without fail, next increased the distance to 5kms and went on to increase for at least 15kms a day which I followed regularly. After some days of the daily walk of 15kms/ day, I made a habit of starting to jog/run.

So, now that I had transitioned from the walk to run, I can notice the agility and oxygen intake in me increased and also, it helped me to burn some extra calories quickly which I had not experienced during my 15kms walk. Gradually, I continued 15kms run and thus I could see changes in my body quickly. Yes, my run was not quick but I followed slow-paced run but I kept following the same pace for a week or two this helped me maintain the constant pace without losing time to catch my breath.

Slowly, I got calls from brands which concentrated on my fitness which you can notice if you have been following me. I took part in Sri Lanka airline event of keeping fit and did run, I took part in (events for the run) and I continued to showcase my fitness for the brands which of course helped me to gain confidence.

Hosted and also became a part of a lot of Instagram Live series where I explained the fitness series to my subscribers and yes, it all did not come just with a matter of working out for a month but with me following my grit and determination for 5 whole months I was able to stand where I am standing now.

Although, I believe the journey was a bit harsh to my body and I felt like giving up I never gave up. And now watching the results of my harsh daily schedule I feel happy that I have managed to lose 40kilos in 5 months which is a staggering 8kilos in a month.

I thank all the people who have supported this journey and also to the people who have encouraged me to follow this weight loss journey even though I found a bit of hiccup.

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