If you are a frequent traveller and travel freak like me, it is bad news for all of us as experts warn that International Travel may not pick up till 2023 or at least the vaccine is introduced and people trust their immediate neighbours.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade association of world’s airline has stated that the travel like pre-pandemic will not be the same post-pandemic at least until 2023 and also stated that the airline will suffer due to many health regulations.  Brian Pearce, IATA Chief Economist said: “Covid’s effects on air travel are certainly going to last a number of years with no quick rebound to 2019 levels.”

The IATA baseline scenario says it’s a setback scenario and if the lockdown still extends or if the second wave of coronavirus hits the travel will not be the same until 2024.  With their latest update, the IATA said that revenue passenger kilometre has suffered a huge drop from 8 billion to 4 billion. That is over 50% drop from 2019 data to 2020 data until recent data figures. This has been a significant impact on the airline and travel industry as a whole.

Although there is much bad news where Airlines are running under loss, filing bankruptcy there is a wave of hope as many other airline are planning to resume flights such as Emirates, Ryan Air, Air India and countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece are allowing tourists starting June/July. 

However, even though the travel will be started, one needs to notice that there will considerably be a steep decrease in passenger count until the fear of Coronavirus passes off.

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