With COVID-19 pandemic rising cases in India and travel taking a huge hit, Indian railways have managed to sustain and recently we covered an article where you can notice how Indian railways are preparing for post-pandemic travel. But one sad news to travellers who want to experience luxury while travelling in Indian Railways premier Luxury train Palace on Wheels to be suspended off rails for this year.

Every year in the month of September, this luxurious train gets refurbished and renewed for tourists who want to experience luxury on travel and in September it gets ready for the first ride of the year. It used to be the same for many years but unfortunately not this year. Officials at the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation took a consensus to halt the train till at least December 2020.

With no formal announcement from Indian railways about the train getting ready to hit the rails for this year, it is high time that we think that it would be off the rails until the end of the year or maybe the complete year of 2020.

A senior official at Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) said to a leading newspaper of India where he says, “We have not decided as yet. We are keen to start, but there are travel advisories for non-essential travel. Resumption of scheduled commercial flights is a big factor given the fact that the majority of travellers on the train are from foreign countries. Also, it all depends on which direction the COVID-19 moves,”

Together with Indian Railways, RTDC operates one of the luxurious trains of India where it passes through some of the popular tourist destinations in India such as prominent royal heritages of Rajasthan, bird and animal sanctuaries, The Taj Mahal where it takes 8 days to complete a round trip.

The train has 84 berths and it is one of the popular for foreigners and NRI’s who want to visit the popular places and also do not want to compromise on luxury.

However, this year due to ongoing pandemic, the train was cancelled in the months of March and April, but the railways did not cancel or refund the tickets which were already booked but rebooked for the current season.

We should get to know if the tickets booked gets refund, as the train is most likely not hitting the wheels by this year-end.

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