Florida is a very popular tourist destination due to the plethora of things to do for the whole family.

The nice weather also plays a major role in its appeal. Here are some of the fun filled family activities that are available for all ages.


Fun Family-Friendly Activities in Florida

Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

Florida has the perfect location for you to go deep sea fishing. This offers the whole family the opportunity to go out onto the ocean. There is more than just fishing available. You can also see dolphins and snorkel. This offers the whole family the ability to experience marine life up close and personal.

Some companies even allow you to rent boats so that you can create your own family memories. If you don’t feel comfortable sailing your own boat, you can have a guided tour of the sights of the Florida coast.


Theme Parks

There are numerous theme parks in Florida. Many people refer to Florida as the theme park state. The large number of parks has something for every age group. Some offer amusement park rides, water slides, or even a combination of everything. They are sprinkled throughout the state and offer adventures for the whole family. You don’t just need to stick with the known theme park of Disney. Busch Gardens, LEGOLAND, and Universal are just a few of the other parks that are available.


Zoo and Aquatic Adventures

There are a variety of zoos that offer different animal experiences to their visitors. One of the zoos in Florida includes a safari adventure. This drive through safari allows you to experience wildlife just outside your window. In Gulf Breeze, there is a petting zoo for the little ones. There are numerous aquariums and other aquatic parks available as well. SeaWorld is one of the big attractions for Florida. You can visit large marine animals and learn about them. There are also boat tours to see the dolphins.


Historical Sight Seeing

Florida features historical forts for those looking to take in the sights. These Spanish forts offer a rich history for those that are interested. Many of these forts played pivotal roles in the Spanish-American War. Fort Mose boasts that it was the first ex-slave community. St. Augustine is near another fort that has an intriguing history. There are also historical buildings in the town for those that are interested in seeing the architecture of the time.


Florida offers a large variety of family activities. You don’t need to only visit one theme park in order to create lasting family memories.


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