Although the rest of India wants to make it to Goa at least once, people plan a road trip to Goa and explore some of the party places and indulge in what Goa offers to its visitors. However, an avid traveller tries to find out what are some of the places to visit nearby Goa which he can do via road.  Here are some of the places where one can visit as a road trip from Goa

  1. Netravali FallsDrive through breathtaking and scenic location and in midst of Rubber Plantations, Sugarcane fields and deep into the forest located to visit Netravali Falls. It is located in South East Goa which is near to Budbudyanchi Tali, Gopalnath Temple etc where you can explore while on your visit to Netravali Falls. Venture deep into the forest regions and you will find another waterfall called Mainapi Waterfall which has scenic surroundings and peaceful location.
  2. Cabo de Rama
    Located at the southern tip of Goa, Cabo de Rama is an antique fort which was built by Portuguese. Explore the region on bikes where you discover some of the hidden trails. The location is easily visible with a series of Coconut trees that dot the streets and it has serene blue waters which are untouched.
  3. Diwar and Chorao Islands
    Do you know that you can visit Islands which are located near to the capital of Goa, Panjim? The Islands of Diwar and Chorao are located at a short distance from Panjim and where you can visit taking a ferry from Ribandar. Explore the Portuguese influence at this place and absorb the cultures here. Explore the Islands which can be undertaken as a short day trip from Goa.
  4. Ponta De Linares
    Explore the old part of Goa here at Ponta de Linares which is a scenic location with Mandovi River in the background. Riding here you get to notice the centuries-old architecture, the causeway and serene waters of Mandovi River which makes it a perfect drive location.
  5. Parra
    Explore some of the unexplored parts of Goa. Parra is one of the places where you need to visit. One of the beautiful locations to visit, Parra in Goa is known for its natural beauty. I’m quite sure when you take a drip down to Parra you will be parking your vehicle and walk for some distance to explore the beautiful location on foot. When in Parra do not miss to visit Church of St. Anne and Ganesh Tollam

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