Barcelona, one of the best cities in Europe, is also one of the most expensive.

We are aware that sadly it can cost a lot to visit the Catalan capital – even for a weekend – so we came up with two simple day plans complete with activities and food stops guaranteed to cost you €15 or less. 

Heads up! These plans don’t include traveling costs, so get yourself a T10 travel card (10 journeys on all public transport for only €10.20) or another type of city travel card. 


1) Active Itinerary: Montjuic Hike and Mountain Views

Breakfast: 365 Café

365 Cafe is one of our favourite bakery chains in the city and offers those with a sweet tooth an incredible selection of delicious pastries for under €2. 

Better still, there are over a dozen 365 Cafes in Barcelona so you won’t have to walk far to find one!

While you’re here, don’t forget to pick up some fresh bread for lunch later in the day.

Money left: €13


Day Excursion: Montjuic

Jump on the metro and head to Espanya (L3). On your way out, go to a supermarket and pick up some aioli (Spain’s famous garlic mayonnaise), snacks, and a drink, to go with your lunch.

Money left:  €9

Spend the day exploring Montjuic mountain by climbing to the top and experiencing all that this beautiful place has to offer.


Some Suggestions:

• Montjuic gardens (in particular Mossen Costs i Llobera Garden, a green space containing plants from desert, sub-desert, and tropical climates.) Free.

• Montjuic viewpoints, a selection of spectacular viewpoints that showcase the city (particularly its coastline) from above. Free.

• Montjuic Castle, an old military fortress from 1640 also with breathtaking views of Barcelona. Free (Sundays after 3pm/all day on the first sunday of the month)


Dinner: Poble Sec

Head down the other side of the mountain into Barcelona’s Poble Sec, one of our favourite local neighbourhoods in the city. Here you’ll be able to spend the last of your €15 by sharing a selection of tapas or pinxtos.

Poble Sec is home to many local bars and taverns so you’re guaranteed to be able to pick up some dinner within budget. 

Finish off your day by heading back over to Montjuic fountain to see the impressive light show free of charge. 

Show times are:

1st April- 31st May: Thursday – Saturday 21:00- 22:00

1st June- 31st September: Wednesday- Sunday 21:30- 22:30

1st October- 31st October: Thursday- Saturday 21:00- 22:00

1st November- 31st March: Thursday- Saturday 20:00- 21:00 


2) Relaxed Itinerary: Parc de la Ciutadella Picnic and Bunkers del Carmel

Breakfast: 365 Café

Like in the first plan, we recommend indulging in the pastries and cakes from 365 bakery, satisfying both you and your wallet.

As this plan includes a picnic, pick up some readymade sandwiches from the bakery or some fresh bread, for your lunch later. 

Money left:  €11


Day Excursion: Parc de la Ciutadella

Take the metro to Arc de Triomf (L1) and head in the direction of Parc de la Ciutadella.

There are plenty of things to see and do in the park such as:

• Castell dels Tres Dragons, an impressive castle built with a modernist style and home to Barcelona’s Zoology museum. €3 entry. 

• The Umbracle, a tropical greenhouse with a variety of shade loving plants. Free.

• Fountain of Parc de la Ciutadella, a breathtaking fountain designed by Josep Fontserè and his prodigy a young Antoni Gaudí! Free.

You can also rent boats and sail around around the park’s very own lake. Prices start from as little as €6 for two people for 30 minutes in the water.

Money left:  €5


Evening: Bunkers del Carmel

Take the bus or the metro up to the Bunkers of Carmel for the best (and often unknown) viewpoints of Barcelona.

On your way, pick up some drinks and some food for dinner from a local supermarket using the rest of your day’s budget. 

If you fancy something hot we recommend finding one of the many takeaway noodle bars in the city that cook fresh and delicious noodles for as little as €5. You can also take this up to the bunkers with you!


How to get to the bunkers:

Take the V17 bus and walk 8 minutes uphill, or head to Guinardo metro station and take the 30 minute walk uphill.

€15 for a day in Barcelona? Game on.


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