Solo travelling is a symbol of freedom that leads to a fascinating experience.

You can follow your own schedule, choose your favourite destination and shorten or prolong the trip according to your desire. There is no need to consult anybody. But it’s considered that women travelling alone face dangers and risky situations.

This world is full of peaceful places offering extreme serenity and enchanting beauty.

Here is the list of top 10 beautiful places, which are the safest destinations for solo female travelers in my opinion.


1) Iceland

Did you know that Iceland is ranked as 2017’s number one peaceful country by the Global Peace Index? Well, now you know. This state has a higher rate of gender equality that means solo female travellers will be totally secured in this land. But this is not the only reason to visit Iceland alone. The city of Reykjavik is the biggest attraction for tourists for being the central point of Icelandic culture. Moreover, the Blue Lagoon Spa is one persuasive reason to visit Iceland.


2) Italy 

Italy is a model of the glorious Roman Empire. This country of ancient culture offers marvellous sightseeing such as the Colosseum and Roman Forum. The solo female travelers can explore this country while eating delicious pizzas and drinking filtered water from artistic fountains. The Italian people are also quite friendly and helpful.


3) Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small welcoming country full of warm-hearted people. It is a perfect place for adventurous solo female travellers. From diverse wildlife to beaches and rainforests, this place offers a wide area to explore nature. Whether you want to spend a quiet vacation or attempt thrilling activities such as surfing, Costa Rica is just perfect for solo female travellers.


4) Bali 

Bali is a gorgeous island in Indonesia and a top most priority of tourists. This calm place has serene beaches, inexpensive accommodation and food and old temples exhibiting the pure Balinese culture. This place is quite safe for solo female travelers as it’s an epicentre of Indonesian tourism and government takes effective precautions to keep it clean of violence.


5) Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands and situated in the Indian Ocean. Although it’s a perfect honeymoon spot but solo female travellers can visit this country to witness the glittery sand of beaches and beautiful species of turtle and tortoise. Having no ground connections makes this country a safe place.


6) Scandinavia 

The countries of Scandinavia are full of beautiful spots and attractive architecture. Denmark and Norway have been listed as the top two happiest countries in the world. Moreover, in 2016 Denmark was ranked as the most peaceful country. Solo female travellers can plan trips to one of the Scandinavian countries in order to enjoy the safest journey.


7) New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of beautiful landscapes. From crystal glaciers to sunny beaches, this country offers irresistible sightseeing. Adventurous women can come to this place and get engaged in exciting skydiving and hiking. Moreover, the local language is English therefore solo female travelers can communicate with friendly people easily and feel at home.


8) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Let’s go to the Venice of the north. Amsterdam is a welcoming city of attractive architecture, cultural museums and beautiful canals. It’s the best place for solo female travellers who are looking for music and parties. This friendly city will indulge the women travelling alone in its Dutch culture and history.


9) Switzerland

Switzerland is a heaven on the Earth. It’s a seductive place offering an opportunity for sublime traveling experiences. The Lake Geneva and Aletsch Glacier are the top peaceful places solo female travellers must visit to enjoy the heights of relaxation. Moreover, Switzerland is the fifth peaceful country according to the ranking done by the Global Peace Index.


10) Melbourne, Australia 

From melodious music to delicious food and aesthetic culture, the dazzling city of Melbourne offers an unforgettable traveling experience. Besides sightseeing, shopping and catchy architecture, this city also provides safety to residents as well as tourists. In the glittery lights of Melbourne solo, female travellers can even walk alone at night with no threats. Moreover, the local language is English, therefore, women can get quick help by communicating easily.


Well, now you have the list of safest destinations so what are you waiting for?

Begin your solo journey today and visit each one of these places to experience endless pleasure.


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