Do you travel often?

If the answer to this question is yes, chances are you’ve committed some of the deadly sins of traveling. If not all of them!

These sins are to be avoided because they take the fun out of the whole deal and leave you unfulfilled and even frustrated after you return home.

Beware of them!


10 Sins of Travel

1. Envy

Do you envy those people whose passport is filled with travel stamps? Do you wish you could quit your 9-to-5 and travel all year long to beat them?

Enter envy, a monster that takes the fun out of traveling. It is often called a “sorrow of another’s good”, and this is a perfect description.

Be careful and don’t envy the desire and achievement of others. It will become harder and harder to appreciate what you have if you’re constantly focused on envying and admiring something that belongs to other people.


2. Gluttony

That’s the characteristics that keep many people moving forward (for wrong reasons). Traveling does not give them a real excuse to become all-consuming monsters. For example, they don’t always need the best seats on the plane or the best suite in the hotel – oftentimes other people deserve it more.


3. Sloth

What’s the point of traveling if you’re lazy? It’s supposed to be active because you’re exploring new places. For example, it’s completely unreasonable to lay on the beach all day and then come to the hotel to take a bath and have a dinner. You can do that at home with your couch and a fridge full of snacks.

A lazy traveler is a bad traveler. “The one who wants to discover why the destination is unique and different from others is a good one”, says Eric Irving, staff vacation planner from BestEssayTips. “One might think that travel is all about resting on the beach but it’s much more than that.”


4. Fear

Travelling is associated with dangers in many people. Of course, there are war torn areas and countries where a foreigner can indeed be exposed to a great danger. But the rest of the world is peaceful and ready to be explored!

Don’t believe in a popular misconception that the world is a dangerous place because it really depends on the destination. This fear prevents many folks from traveling and is completely unreasonable.


5. Pride

If you’re interested in traveling, chances are you heard and read about “must-go places” and “hottest destinations.” They change every travel season because people need to keep exploring. Don’t go there! You’ll arrive to see crowds of people and the prices that’ll burn holes in our pocket.

Put your pride aside and look for other places because you won’t be able to enjoy your trip if you go to those “hottest places”.


6. Lust

This sin is actually a little bit similar to envy – lusting for something better won’t yield any appreciable results. For example, if you’re lusting for a vacation in a luxury suite with the best food and service one could possibly have, it won’t get you in that suite.

A much better strategy is to develop a plan and follow actions that will ensure your next vacation is in a desired place and time.


7. Wrath

Sometimes travelers face unwanted situations that can ruin the whole trip. For example, your wallet might be stolen with most of the money you had. Of course, it’s very easy to become disappointed in this situation but the key here is to stay calm.

Why? Here’s an explanation. Remember the last time you were disappointed or angry at someone? How long did it take you to calm down and return to your normal mood? It’s very likely that you were mad for quite a while.

The main thing here is to stop a bad mood before it takes over you. Even though the trip is ruined you don’t have to make it even worse.


8. Greed

A greedy traveler refuses to rest even if he or she visited 50, 80, or even 100 countries in a lifetime, just like Christopher D. Stringer, a traveling writer. He wants the whole world and refuses to settle down even though he saw more foreign countries than his friends and family taken together.

Greed has no limits and no shame. It means that a greedy person obsessed with traveling does not have anything actually worth doing or creating. This person does not need to travel a lot – they want it. They want to travel if their family needs it. Or even when it is really a time to settle down and think of having some future.


9. Rudeness

We all have seen people yelling at employees at the airport or waitresses at restaurants when we travel. The tendency to treat the rest of the world in a rude manner wakes up in many people when they travel. As the result, they become raging lunatics.


10. Ignorance

One of the great benefits of traveling is the education about yourself and other countries, including their traditions, food, politics, and geography. Believe it or not, a lot of travelers don’t care too much about that because they travel to enjoy themselves.

It’s a shame they think this way. Travel is an amazing investment and obtaining education about other countries is a way to maximize these investments.


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