Adventure travel has become popular because people trapped in the mundane modern life yearn for a change from the bleak and boring existence. They crave for the thrill of adventure and seek that by visiting exotic places and meeting strange people. There are a number of destinations, which are very popular, but in this article, we shall focus upon some of the offbeat destinations that people are not aware of.

Amongst adventure travels, surfing and diving are very popular way of feeling the thrill of adrenaline pumping through their veins. Some of the fascinating places of interest are as mentioned below

KiriBati :


Very few people would have heard about tiny spec of island in the vast Pacific Ocean. It is located thousands of miles away from the mainland continent and places like Hawaii. This micro-nesian island comprises of thirty-three atolls situated in the equator. The deep blue waters and its multi-colored corals give it an out-of the world impression. This is an ideal place for those divers who wish to explore the deep blue waters of this specific island and it is gradually gaining popularity.

Reunion Island:


Like Kiri-Bati, Re-Union Island is one of the lesser-known destinations suitable for adventure. This tiny island is located in the midst of Indian Ocean is sandwiched between Madagascar and Mauritius. This remote colony of France has an alluring coastline and exotic rainforests. Those who wish to surf or raft along the bay, Re-Union Island is a thrilling experience. In fact, it is ideal for those who like Kayaking or rock climbing.

The Cook Islands:

The Cook Islands

This island, which reminds about legendary explorer, is located in the Pacific Ocean. Normally associated with luxury travel, this exotic coral island is an ideal place for diving and snorkeling. There are caves, which was said to contain human remains, and steep rocky peaks. It is suitable for diving into the deep waters of the Pacific. In fact, this is a good place for those who are interested in paddling and caving too.

Sao Tome and Principe:

Sao Tome and Principe

This unknown island is actually two of the smallest islands which are located in the Gulf of Guinea. Some of the major attractions of this place are not only its remoteness and empty beaches but also the thick jungle found in this archipelago. This makes it an ideal destination for paddle boarding as well as hiking and trekking.



It has some of the largest mountains with a few active volcanoes. The wildness of the rivers makes it an exciting place for river exploration. Those who wish to probe the wild landscape, nothing could be better than recreational activities such as cycling around these locations. The Tourists are however advised to be cautious while exploring the untamed rivers of Cameroon.



This African country like Cameroon has a lot to offer for those who wish to bask in the beauty of the nature. The wild-waters of the Zambezi are an excellent spot for white-water rafting. This along with the incredible wildlife is bound to enthrall the tourists who are in search of adventure.



This exotic island, which is famous for its active volcano, is now a popular destination for volcano trekking. In fact, the twin peaks of Mount Marum and Mount Benbow is scaled during daytime with overnight camps by intrepid adventurers. On reaching the summit, one would have experienced not only Jungle trekking but also have a magnificent view of the hot lava spewed by the volcano.

Le Sotho:

Le Sotho

The mountains of Le Sotho are scaled by many on robust ponies, which have incredible stamina in carrying people to the mountaintop. While climbing the steep rocks of the mountains can be scary, these ponies however are able to make these steep ascends without ever wavering or stumbling. It is therefore a popular method of travel and offers a unique experience to the intrepid traveler.



It is well known for its Inca Civilization and Machu Picchu Mountain range. It is an ideal place for hiking and surfing. One popular hiking destination is the Inca trail, which takes you way up to the lofty heights of Machu Picchu. In fact, it has been named by the National Geographic Magazine as one of the best twenty-five trucks in the world. This trail, which is two-thousand miles long, is a remnant of the ancient Andean road network. The exotic landscapes and ancient ruins gives it an other worldly atmosphere as for those who love to surf, the wild beaches of Mancora in North Peru.



This Scandinavian country, which is thinly populated, has large areas of unspoiled natural beauty for people to explore. Being close to the attic circle, one can trek all the way to the city of Tromso to view the Northern Lights. This is a rare natural phenomenon, which is visible only in this part of the earth. Tourist can also hike tall cliffs and huge fjords, which abut the ocean. Norway also offers visitors to ski and indulge in fishing.



This state, which is located at Canada, is larger than Germany and Belgium in size. It offers like Norway an excellent opportunity for those who wish to explore cold regions of the world. Its pristine waters are ideal for rafting and glacial formations for alpine climbing. What makes Yukon unique is that it has longer days during the onset of summer season, which is helpful in exploring the wild beauty of the state. In fact, those who are able to visit the place on June 21 can witness the rare phenomenon of the sun, which never sets.

There is no dearth of interesting places to visit for an adventure enthusiasts. All the five continents and seven oceans have innumerable places for a person to visit. From the cold peaks of tall mountains to the white sands of the vast desert, there are plenty of places for a person to explore.


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