Best Times To Travel To China

CHINA is a great country with great weather conditions. The best time to visit should, therefore, be in the regions you want to visit and when you want.

We consider the clean air, pleasant temperatures, fewer crowds and cheap flights to understand the time to see China.

Travel To China
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When NOT to travel in China:

Time aside: Avoid traveling to China during a national holiday, if possible. In the 1990s, the Chinese government introduced the “Golden Week” for the development of the local tourism industry.

Unlike the West, the average Chinese worker has little or no flexibility in holiday planning. Instead, the whole country takes the vacation at the same time!

To sum up, if you try to see something similar to a tourist attraction during these periods, you will quickly lose your will to live. Imagine the US celebrating Thanksgiving, 4th of July and Christmas all week. Now multiply our population by 300 million by a factor of four.

You do not need to use the Econ 101 to understand the impact of supply and demand. The competition and prices for air, rail or bus tickets are thrilled (and you do not think you are close to one billion Chinese travelers). The same applies to hotels, restaurants and all other tourist services.

If you cannot avoid traveling at this time, book all reservations or sign up for a tour (but pay more). Consider less popular travel destinations and stay in one place until everyone gets back to work.

To avoid three Chinese national “Golden Week”:

Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year): This is the worst time to travel. The exact dates of each year are different as they are based on the lunar calendar, but usually from late January to mid-February. Technically, about two weeks, but many Chinese have only the first week off. Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional holidays, the equivalent of Christmas in the West. A large part of the population – migrant workers – will work and travel to their hometowns to spend time with their families. Most shops are completely closed, so their buying and selling opportunities are severely limited even in smaller cities. Of course, if you do not disturb the crowd, it can be fun (festivals, street activities, etc.). But if you hate the amount and constant noise of firecrackers that happen at any moment, I recommend lice and a lot of beer.

National Holiday

National Holiday

(starts on October 1): A full-day holiday celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic. In particular, avoid the places of Beijing (Forbidden City, which is adjacent to the Tiananmen Square parade, as well as the nearby Great Wall of China).

Labor Day (1 May).

Labor Day
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It was a week off in 2007 but has since returned to a long weekend of three days. So not as crazy as before, but you want to avoid traveling during this time.

best time to visit China :

best time to visit China
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Conclusion: The best travel time for China is the spring (March-May) and the fall (September to early November). In these times there are less rain and clearer skies.

But except the north in winter, China can still be seen comfortably all year round. The summers see the rain stronger and can be uncomfortably hot, especially in the south, near Hong Kong, where there is a surprisingly hot and humid summer.

Most of the first travelers to China will travel up and down the eastern provinces (the most developed and richest provinces with the most tourist attractions). For example, from north to Beijing to Hong Kong, so plan accordingly: when you come in spring, start in the south (before the start of the hot, sticky summers) and finish in Beijing. Or, if you come in the fall, start in Beijing – before winter moves – and head south.

The festival

China is a big country with many nationalities, and each nationality has its festivals. If you are a fan of Chinese culture, come to the time you want to see. Almost every Chinese festival has its legend and history. Explore more about Chinese festivals and tailor your itinerary to your liking.

Travel To China
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High season vs. low season

Many people plan to visit during the high season. However, it is not always the best choice. During high season, it is difficult to get tickets for trains, airplanes and hotel accommodations, as a large number of people arrive at this time. It is advisable to take part in an organized tour if you travel during the high season, as this will certainly make it easier to buy tickets.

Compared to the high season, the low season could not have been the best choice for a visit. They offer the following services:

  • Save money. In the off-season, the associated costs are significantly lower than in peak periods. Tickets, ticket prices and products sold in interesting locations cost less.
  • Save time. Strange seasons give you a more peaceful environment, not a noisy place. It may take a few hours to take photos at peak times, while in the off-season you can enjoy the beautiful scenery without disturbances.


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