Vacation With Your Pets

If you are planning to spend a week, six months or more, there are three main options for your pet when you are on Vacation With Your Pets . You can take care of your pet in your house, let your pet go somewhere else or carry your pet along. How you live with them depends on how much time you travel, how much money you want to spend and how much you trust others to take care of your family.

Keep your pet at home while traveling On Vacation With Your Pets

Keep your pet at home

It’s good for us when our cats stay home and hire a pet. We have asked the neighbors to see it in the past, but as our friends are busy with children and work, they have become stronger and stronger, so it is easier to hire someone.

Rent a professional pet sitter

pet sitter

The main lack of guards leasing is that it can be a little expensive. $ 20 per visit is quite normal, which can add more routes. Professional suppliers are usually very reliable (but check the references carefully) and know how to take care of the animals. Our pet still has first aid training and is safe and connected. Pets usually sit once a day for cats and twice for dogs.

Ask a neighbor, friend or family member

Ask a neighbor, friend or family member

This is usually the cheapest option, especially if your pet is familiar with your screen. If you ask a neighbor or friend who lives nearby, they are likely to come more often than a paid professional. The downside is that if your guard looks more like a service than a job, they may not be responsible as someone who pays.

To make it easier, consider using an automatic water supply or pet food container for your pet.

Find the house sitter

Find the house sitter

Dormitories usually live full-time in your home, so pets theoretically receive the same care you could give them. Pets receive constant supervision and attention.

Once home in your home lives in your home while you are away, you need to be happy with them, with full access to your property. This is a generally affordable option as a pet store, although some pets pay extra.

Benefits of leaving your pet at home:

Benefits of leaving your pet at home

  • Your pet is in your home environment (especially good for cats).
  • There is no danger of damaging others’ belongings.
  • Food, toys, garden, cage, etc. You are already gathered, and your animals already know that it is a country.
  • No other animal to fight.
  • Your pets can eat the same food as usual and follow their daily routine
  • Those caring for your pets can also look at the house (post office, sidewalks, lights, etc.) to give the impression of someone at home
  • You can leave the keys and go


  • Animals can be lonely when no one is around
  • There is a higher risk of lack of food or walking
  • There is a greater chance of an accident on the ground
  • Animals will always look for you, which can cause stress in some animals
  • Unknown users can be attacked on arrival – especially with hamsters and turtles

Let your pet be removed from your home

Rent a professional pet sitter

Rent a professional pet sitter

Many pets also look after their pet in their own home. The pet at home usually has several pets already with them, which can provide socialization for your pet. Five Sitter will understand the risks of having a new pet and know how to take care of it. Depending on the amount of the job, they could devote to their kennels or live with them as part of their family.

Leave them in a crib, board or pet

The professional service should know and take care of the animals. These services are equipped with equipment and staff to take care of your pet. However, your pet can hold the cage longer than you want. Apart from that, there are some good facilities for going out. Check the references and even think about leaving your pet for a short trial period. There are many dogs on board in almost every major center, but many of them also carry cats and other pets.

Let them stay with your veterinarian

Let them stay with your veterinarian

Many vets have boarding throughout the night. This can be an ideal method if your pet has medical problems or medical care. Many veterinarians work in veterinary clinics and have facilities to get your pet, be it a dog, a cat, a bird or a turtle.

Find a volunteer

Looking for volunteers to take care of your pet is the most affordable option because you usually only need cover food and accessories, though a small scholarship to respect. You can find a volunteer to take care of your pet through the shelter and human society. Volunteers have a definite love for animals, and your pet will probably be in community with various other animals.

Benefits of having someone to look after your pet outside your home

  • Your pets are more likely to be near people and other animals
  • Dedicated walks and free time
  • New research areas
  • Fewer chances than loneliness (without caregivers)


  • Unknown areas can stress your pet
  • Possible problems with other animals (especially alpha cats and dogs)
  • Your pet may be in a cage or in an area where you can not enjoy it for long
  • You have to give up and bring the animals

Take your pets with you

Take your pets with you

If you are traveling by motorbike or car or want to stay in one place for a long time, you can take your pet with you. Pay attention to the requirements of pets for pets entering the new country. Some countries, such as England, have a long quarantine period for animals entering the country. Other countries are less stringent and only require a vaccination certificate and a health certificate from a veterinarian.


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