The United States, one of the largest countries in the world, offers scenes of states and cities from deserts to lush forests, glittering skyscrapers, to cobbled streets. Here, we have listed some of the most beautiful places the US has to offer.

Grand Canyon

What else do you want to say about the Grand Canyon, which has not been said? It was founded for at least five million years, as the Colorado River gradually progressed through billions of years of geological history, making it one of the country’s best tourist destinations. And why should not it be like this? It’s dramatic and wonderful, more than anything else. Even better, you can enjoy it from the top or below – use a donkey to get to the bottom of you, then float by the river or admire its size from above.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Beautiful Places In The USA

Parked in the Blue Ridge Park, a scenic road initially built to link the Shenandoah National Park with the Great Smokey Mountains National Park; it has been the most visited service in the National Park almost every year since the end of World War II. Even if you do not want to hike the parks on either side, the small lanes on the road allow for breathtaking views of the Appalachians, especially the Blue Ridge range. For an exceptional experience, come in the fall and see the mountains that are lit by orange and yellow; it’s like they’re burning.

Chicago skyline

Windy or not, something is extraordinary about the Chicago skyline. This jewel of the Midwest is born on the shores of Lake Michigan, and now meets much of what its founders were expecting in 1833. This substantial American city, which may seem broken at various places and even tongues on the ground, comes a few miles away from the north coast, high and alive.

Acadia National Park

The pine forests, the magnificent views of the sea and the geological feature closest to the fjord along the east coast are just a little of the things that make Acadia National Park such a beautiful place. It is the oldest national park east of the Mississippi, and today it is visited by about two million people – and with good reason. The country park is widely distributed on several islands off the coast of Maine, and there is much to discover.

Hamilton Pool, Austin, Texas

Austin is a city of swimmers, the most beautiful undoubtedly the Hamilton Pool. After about a quarter mile drives through the forest, you come to a natural pool that emerges as the dome of the subterranean river shook the water below. Now you can still see the passage that remains the dome, on which there is still a waterfall. The water is clean, cool and refreshing, and different colors of trees, mosses, stones and sparkling water give a mystical character.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia, is a rare find in the United States. With its stone streets, the green center and the streets lined with some of the country’s oldest buildings, it deserves praise. Downtown is one of the nation’s biggest attractions, and you can easily reach the coast and the charming Savannah Riverfront, In addition to the beauty of nature, Savannah is also known for its warm and hospitable people.


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