THE 3d Museum Of Wonders¬†was created to offer a unique world experience to all visitors coming to Playa del Carmen. It is the only destination in America. This magnificent museum is reminiscent of some of the extraordinary visual illusions of an artist celebrating his mastery of the three-dimensional plaster art of the 1980s: this artistic form of eye-forms creates the true trompe l’oeil technique that allows the viewer to believe that there are three dimensions of the two-dimensional art that they observe.

3D Museum of Wonders Tours


When was the last time you took some pictures with life, 3D drawings?
If the answer is never, then take the time to visit this museum when you visit Playa del Carmen. This fascinating museum, created by a visionary American artist, is indeed in its genre and spirit. Think of 3D drawings that seem to jump off the wall, interact, stand, and even interact with drawings. It does not take long for reality to mingle with the art on the wall, and you’ll soon be in the pool, splashing under the waterfall, surfing the wind, hitting a boat or catching a bubble. Here are over 60 different designs in the 3D Wonders Museum, so make sure you use a fully loaded camera to take hundreds of photos!

Most visitors spend between 1.5 and 2 hours exploring over 60 designs. The entire museum is air-conditioned and fenced, as well as a comfortable hideaway from the heat or rainy days. All photos, including Flash, are allowed in the museum.

Did you know that? The owner and artist, Keith Wenner, worked for NASA as a graphic artist and was assigned to draw for the Vatican.

A private tour of the 3D Museum of Wonders and Frida Kahlo Restaurants


Immerse yourself in the artistic flavors of Playa del Carmen with a visit to the Frida Kahlo Museum of Wonders and 3D Restaurant. At the museum, you will study the thought-provoking exhibitions of Kurt Wenner, taste the Mexican drinks in the restaurant of Frida Kahlo and get to know the iconic works of painting.

Transfer from Cancun Hotel or Riviera Maya to Playa del Carmen, where you will enter the Museum of 3D Miracles. The museum houses 42 amazing interactive 3D art exhibits by Kurt Wenner. From certain angles, two-dimensional images like 3-D look and enter art. Participate with a beautiful screen, including working with riding and balance over the faces.

After an interactive museum experience, you can go shopping on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. Then, visit the restaurant of Frida Kahlo, where you can enjoy a soft drink and enjoy the Mexican flavors. The restaurant is decorated with works of art by a renowned painter, and you can discover the life, masterpieces, and influence of Frida Kahla before completing the tour.


The most exciting illusions

Exciting illusions are fully revealed when taking photos with visitors to the pictures. What began as amazing images soon became a great opportunity to ‘jump into the arts’ and become an active part of the illusion.

3D Museum Of Wonders

Creating memory

3D Museum Of Wonders

The owner of the museum explains. “For the first few minutes, people do not understand what they see, and you suddenly see adults laughing, having fun, and of course taking lots of pictures.” Visitors tell us how this experience brings the child back to them. “

The Eyes Candle

 3D Museum Of Wonders

The museum is large and has enough space to meet and entertain. Such large groups and families have plenty of room for free movement and participation during the exhibition at their own pace. The 3D Museum was built overlooking the visitor. Adults, couples, families of all sizes and groups for tourists, this is one of the most exciting activities of your time in Playa del Carmen.


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